chapter 20 (final chapter!)

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Becca was packing up her stuff when a shadow fell over. She looked up and smiled as Leo bent over onto his knees and held her suitcase as she zipped it up.  “thanks.” She said smiling.

Leo kissed her cheek. “anything for my princess. Want some help carrying it to the truck?”

“oh no I'm fine! I got this!” She answered standing up. She grabbed the handle that popped up and wheels appeared on the bottom.

“okay that's cool.” Leo said surprised. 

Becca laughed a little. “oh I have something for you.” She went to the bed and picked up a present in a gift bag. She walked over and handed it to him.

Leo took it and opened it. He took out the plushie of him. “you want me to have it?!” he said surprised.

“to remember me by.” Becca said smiling.

Leo smiled and took a small box out of his shell and handed it to her. “i have something for you too.”

Becca took it then opened the box seeing a t-phone. She smiled brightly then gave him a hug.

Leo hugged back. Than stepped back smiling. “make sure to text me everyday.”

Becca chuckled. “I promise.”

“Becca time to go!!” her mom called.

“coming!!” She called back. She grabbed the handle of her suitcase. She wheeled it to the front with Leo following behind her.   She turned in front of the truck. She smiled sadly at her new friends. “I'll miss you all.”

Mikey pouted and raced over giving her an hug crying.

Becca patted his back awkwardly.

Ralph grabbed Mikey and dragged him back.

Becca giggled then looked up at Leo.

Leo bent down and gave her a kiss. “I'll miss you.”

Becca touched his cheek close to crying. “I'll miss you too.” She took out the blue stone and put it in his hand. “be safe.” She turned climbing into the truck. Her mom started the truck then they drove off. Becca waved looking behind her at them. “goodbye everyone!!!”

Everyone waved yelling goodbye.

Leo looked down at the stone and blinked surprised as it glowed brightly. He smiled. “I have a feeling this isn't the end…”

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