Chapter XXXVI

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Cenerea, 3rd planet from the star Letria. Regalius, The Homeland, Central Region, Just Outside Of The Capitol City, The Arcturan Estate,

Current Day

Wendy rubbed her burning eyes. She had been up all night, yet again. The two previous days, as well as the ensuing overnight hours, were dedicated solely to the resolution of several food distribution discrepancies troubling citizens in the westernmost areas of Arcturius. She discovered the Homeland was shorting the shipments, yet still charging the Arcturan's for a full delivery.

The morning Letria brought with her several resolutions and solutions to present to the Chancellor for approval. Unfortunately, she feared the man might be the reason for all of the strange new issues troubling her and the Arcturan people. If this were the case, then she might have to take things into her own hands and do as she understood Jinah had done several times before...get what the people needed, illegally.

Arcturius' Western Sub-Region was conveniently located directly across the Lavidius Straits parallel with The Lavidius Collective's coastal capitol city of Davrosnok. The former matriarch had evidently reached out at some point to the Homeland's enemy and found a willing trade partner. Her kingdom's Sub-Region lumber was something the Lavidian's valued highly due to their lack of forests. Almost as much as the wealthy Homeland citizens valued T'choulian-crafted furniture, however, one was legal and only benefitted a few, whereas her solution fed hundreds of thousands and cost the Homeland practically nothing. "For what? Connor's ridiculous ego trip?" she wondered.

Wendy thought about consulting Jay and Geneticus before making the decision, but decided against it. She knew what they would say and did not have the inclination to battle with anyone else at the moment. She did detest politics after all and this was the embodiment of the word in its purest form. Well, that was the thought she consoled herself with.


Cenerea, 3rd planet from the star Letria. Regalius, The Homeland, Arcturius,

Western Sub-Region, Quadrant 7221.06-7652.88

Current Day

Wendy boarded her private aerialcraft to the Arcturan capitol for a clandestine meeting with a Lavidian representative by the name of Bon Toelerishni. The man insisted Wendy meet with him in an old abandoned factory on the outskirts of the city. Its old rusty structure would interfere with the Homeland tracker devices and would serve as plausible deniability for Wendy if asked as to her whereabouts. She could easily say she was looking to have the building restored for some reason or purpose.

Wendy and her entourage of hand-picked, very elite, local Arcturan Royal Security Guards (ARSG) finally arrived at the designated meeting location in their two massive, red troop transports. She noted there were no other people or vehicles around.

Wendy's driver pressed a few buttons on her console and the exterior of the transport faded into a camouflage pattern as several armed Arcturan soldiers leapt from the machines to enter the building. They quickly snapped their weapons up, sweeping the barrels around the factory eventually landing on a shadowy figure stepping from the darkness carrying a large briefcase.

"Halt! Identify yourself!" shouted the security detail's captain.

"Lovely weather in Arcturius, today, isn't it?" the man asked and set the case down. He raised his arms in the air as he stood before the soldiers.

The guards lowered their weapons upon hearing the words. "All clear!" One guard turned and opened the rear armored transport's passenger door.

Wendy emerged from the vehicle and walked into the factory to greet the Lavidian Emissary. "Bon, it's so good to finally meet you in person," she said, extending her arm.

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