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AbhiRa - Yeh Ishq Hai by prabhakar29
AbhiRa - Yeh Ishq Haiby prabhakar29
( it's not related to any show.. completely my imagination...Abhira in an alternate universe) A posh club in heart of Mumbai where only most influential people comes... ...
Pregnancy Conspiracy (Carnal Consensus #2) by HeiroAcre1981
Pregnancy Conspiracy (Carnal HeiroAcre1981
A tale of intentional and proposal forbidden affair that kept secretly behind everyone's knowledge in order to fulfill the family's dreams. A father's love for his daug...
Celebrity Treatment  by astromynight100
Celebrity Treatment by Taekook
"My whole family loves you, my friends love you, even my all servants love you.....what alse do you need Jeon??????" ‐Taehyung "I don't need the whole wo...
[✓](2)Bigshot Gets Loved By All After Transmigrating Into A Book by GirlUnderSun
[✓](2)Bigshot Gets Loved By All Holy
BOOK - 2 (ONGOING) [CH 599-] "Jiang Yu transmigrates into a novel and becomes a side character in the book. In the book, she's a long-lost daughter of the Jiang fa...
Indian Queen Of Roman Crown (completed) by JumbledSymphony
Indian Queen Of Roman Crown ( Jumbled Symphony
(Winner of mysterious awards) Looking for a strong female character? Check. Eyeing for love ,conspiracy and action? Check. Want to see two great cultures of history...
The Mafia Sister by 22333love
The Mafia Sisterby Durga K
Isabella D'Angelo a gang leader and a girl with a dark past. The past comes catching back to her in the form of her 5 elder brothers who would die to keep her safe. the...
To Love a Villain by growingupinsane
To Love a Villainby laiba
❝My love will drown you to the depths of the sea.❞ Furat bin Kiyan, the fleet admiral of Al Andalus, is a spy and a rebel on a mission to kill the caliph of Cordoba and...
Nobody's Daughter by ShadowMaven
Nobody's Daughterby Antoinette McCormick
WATTYS 2022 SCIENCE FICTION WINNER! One minute, seventeen-year-old Renata's breaking curfew. The next, she's regaining consciousness in a strange place with no idea how...
Greenwood Knight by Gloriannajames
Greenwood Knightby Glorianna James
Lord Erec, Baron of Greenwood. Years of service earned him glory, honor, wealth and even a title or two. While contented, he felt no real joy...until he met her. Resou...
Reincarnated as an Alchemist - If i have no cheat then, i just have to make one by BlasinavIvanovski
Reincarnated as an Alchemist - Blasinav Ivanovski
Tale of a Man who was reincarnated into another world as the son of a Saint but his birth was hated by everyone and he was forced to get a class that was seen as an unwa...
Chasing Fate  (Sentinel & Guide) by MEWills
Chasing Fate (Sentinel & Guide)by Erin Wills
Lafayette "Fate" Robinson is a rejected guide just trying to live out her exile in quiet solitude. She's got everything she could ever want: a house, a dog, an...
A Christmas Epic or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Clause by WaltonioSmitavelli
A Christmas Epic or: How I WaltonioSmitavelli
Teenagers with stringent ideologies and possible delusions of grandeur are pitted against a wily opponent, Santa Claus, who may or may not be taking over the world, a fa...
To Be a Power in the Shadows! by savingtheGrace
To Be a Power in the Shadows!by savingtheGrace
Just like how everyone adored heroes in their childhood, a certain young man adored those powers hidden in shadows. After hiding his strength and living the mediocre lif...
Scarred Soul by Author_Fiction99
Scarred Soulby Author_Fiction99
"Uff you'll be death of me.. So beautiful.." Sensing her struggle stop again, he murmur, only to hear her gasp hard. However feeling quite exhausted himself he...
Qᴜɪᴇᴛ. by s3vvii
Qᴜɪᴇᴛ.by sev❤️‍🩹.
"why you so quiet lil mama?"
Don't Yawn, My Lazy King by LAmerica06
Don't Yawn, My Lazy Kingby LAmerica
Dying at the age of 30 due to a natural calamity accident, transmigrated in a world with more high tech mech and a body of a handsome rich kid, receiving a space full of...
(3)The Genius Doctor, My Wife, Is Valiant by GirlUnderSun
(3)The Genius Doctor, My Wife, Holy
BOOK-3 (ONGOING) Father: "Qianqian, he may be a quadriplegic but as long as you agree to marry him, our company will be saved!" Mother: "Plus, your young...
The Lady Who Left by greenwriter
The Lady Who Leftby J.D. Ruiz
Just when she's decided to leave the Town, Lady Cressida Belverst is forced to marry Lord Calan Haverston, the man who coincidentally knows a way out. Agreeing to marry...
KISMAT  by worldofstories200
KISMAT by World of Stories
Story start from the drama going on the alter of marriage hall. But What if raavi just get vanished from the marriage hall with a letter behind ? What if Pandya's com...
His Highness's Lover by Elyshaa_winter
His Highness's Loverby Uchiha Alisha
LOVE IS BOTH BEAUTIFUL AND PAINFUL❤️💔 King Levi Ackerman is the cold and ruthless king who rules the Sina kingdom. He later falls in love with innocent commoner Eren Ye...