Chapter IX

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Cenerea, 3rd planet from the star Letria. Regalius, The Homeland, Central Region,

The Capitol City, Regalius Hotel

Forty-One And One Half Cenerean Years Ago

"Oh yeah! Uh huh! Oh, oh, oh, harder! I am going to...!" Browne shuddered several times followed by her lover Travis Montival. He tensed, drawing a smile on the woman's face. His fingers pressed into her hips as he throbbed inside of her. This was her second favorite part of the whole activity, however, it was the violence accompanying the act that was even better.

"You have to be part Arcturan, Elaine," the man said breathlessly. He fell over onto his side in the hotel bed, completely spent.

The woman stretched her arms out, grabbed a pillow with her bound hands, and buried her face in it. She felt a smack on her round, still vertical bottom. Her feet were tied to the bottom corners of the bed. There was nothing she could do but enjoy it. "Do it again!" she pleaded. One more sting. "Ummm. I am such naughty girl. I need to be punished," she said raising herself up higher. "Harder!"

"This is why you and I get along so well, Browne. You are fucking kinky. That wife of mine was, well, you know..." He popped her once more, a little harder as requested. Travis realized he might be able to go two rounds if this kept up, so he sat up in the bed and rubbed his hands together in anticipation.

"Yes, I know, she was a prude. You've said it many times, now, hurt me!" Browne maneuvered her elbows under her body, elevating hers upper torso attempting to place her restrained wrists and hands next to her face. She managed to lift the blindfold covering her vision from one eye to look at the dark expression on her lover's face. It was half hate and half lust. She noticed he was enamored with his devilish creativity...the marks he was leaving on her. "Go ahead, you know you want to." Madame General Browne watched the hand rise skyward and like a pendulum swing forcefully down. The pain was wonderful, especially since she knew she deserved every bruise. "This time use your belt..."


The hotel room door closed behind Travis with a bang as he left to attend a late night emergency meeting with that fucking troll, General-At-Arms Pha 'Li, and Connor. It seemed the Lavidius Collective was now threatening to do everything in their power to kill Wendy and her goddamned 'Great War Machine'. Browne sighed. Once again that bitch and her invention were both at the center of attention. "I manage to coordinate all of this and Gene's daughter steals my thunder once again," she thought. "I can't even have one day."

Browne sighed as she lay in the disheveled bed for several moments quietly experiencing the nothingness, attempting to ignore the hate she had for Wendy and that fat little bastard, Pha 'Li. She flinched as the climate control system came to life, unexpectedly bringing a change to the room's stillness. She felt the cool air pass over her naked skin and shivered. However, the woman did not attempt to cover herself. The frigid breeze helped temper the heat and the pain radiating from several throbbing areas of her body; lingering reminders of her lover's welcome aggression. Thankfully, these gifts would heal in time for him to inflict more on her in a couple weeks.

Browne understood very well she deserved the abuse. Everything bad that had happened in her life was her fault. It was her plan that got Josie killed and the same plan that snatched Harold from her. She was the reason her baby died and why her mother left when she was a young girl. All of this, every bit of it was due to her mistakes in judgment, so, in her quest for penance, the Madame General had over her lifetime grown to enjoy the violent sensations of punishment. All of it strangely similar to the suffering she endured at the hands of her abusive father when she was growing up.

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