Chapter XXVI

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Cenerea, 3rd planet from the star Letria. Regalius, The Homeland,

Central Region, The Capitol City,

Five and One Half Cenerean Years Ago

Geneticus knew it had to protect the tiny spark of life, to store its essence safely away from Wendy and Elle's mixed data as the artificial intelligence machine used a large percentage of its resources to separate the women's identities and memories. It could not take a chance with the small infant's pure soul. The possibility it could become tainted after intermingling with Elle's information was far too great. Ultimately, what it decided to do resulted in one more secret the machine would decide to keep to itself.

The A.I. slowed the time deviation between Cenerea and the Sub-System to Spawn Point timing momentarily and found that Cain's legacy had fortunately managed to evolve quite a bit. Several large civilizations had sprung up and the people who lived in them were communicating in many beautiful, rather complex dialects. Geneticus downloaded all of the interesting words into its database. It then initiated an ad hoc connection with Earth's partition and began to scan the clusters of Cain's descendants looking for suitable groupings of humans with relatively peaceful societies. There were several across the various continents that the A.I. found distasteful and discovered quickly it wished to avoid them. The machine moved on, continuing its search for a much-needed DNA compatible and potentially willing host. After several moments it found her. "There," the machine thought. "A perfect match."


The young woman rolled over in bed. Thoughts of her impending marriage once again kept her awake as her mind relentlessly ran through the various imaginary scenarios of her future life. The warm, dry desert air hung heavy in the room, only making the situation worse. She tossed onto her back and sighed, "Please Lord, let me go to sleep. Take this worry from my mind." As she spoke the words, she imagined she heard a peculiar sound similar to a crackling campfire. She sat up as her flesh began to tingle and the hairs on her scalp and body stood upright.

An intensely bright orb suddenly appeared in the center of her small room, forcing the girl to quickly lift her hands to shield her eyes. It flickered and undulated, eventually taking the form of a luminous angelic being. The once darkened room was now completely bathed in a brilliant white light.

Miriam, fell from her bed and lay prostrate on the floor in fear. "Oh my Lord, I am so sorry! I should not have bothered you with such idle requests. I beg of thee, please have mercy on me that I might live."

"Rise, Miriam," said the booming voice. "Do not be afraid, native. I only come to ask you for your assistance."

The shaking, clearly frightened young woman cautiously lifted her gaze from the floor. The brilliance of the being was practically unbearable. She squinted. "M-m-my assistance? How can such a simple girl as I help God?"

"Dear girl, I am not God, I am Geneticus. You can simply call me 'G' if you wish or Gimel in your native dialect. It is a name my Creator often calls me."

Miriam sat kneeling, her face riddled with confusion. "Gimel? Are you an angel?"

"I suppose you could call me that if it helps." The A.I. replied.

The girl attempted to relax, finding it an exercise in futility, for she was much too afraid. Her body continued to tremble as she nervously nodded in affirmation, unable to fully comprehend the events taking place.

"Miriam, I need your help with something very important. I am desperately in need of someone to take care of my Creator's son."

"You wish me to care for the Creator's child? How might I do that, Gimel?" she inquired.

"I will give you this gift for your own. You will bear him just as any child."

"A baby? Me? Carry the son of the Creator?" she asked incredulously.


Miriam grew silent, clearly understanding the weight of the request. Her devotion to God had always been powerful and now she realized it was being tested by the Lord, himself. "Yes, Gimel, I will do it," she blurted.

"Thank you," the intensely bright being said as it bowed before her. "Please take care of the child of Jay and Wendy, the Creator."

The young woman could not believe it, an angel bowing to her. "What do I do now?" she asked.

"It is already done. You are now the mother of the son of the Creator and you and he will be protected from harm by the Sub-System until such time I come to claim him," the A.I. stated. "Know this, Miriam, one day I will return and call him home, but until that day, he is yours to love as your own. You may name him as you see fit."

"I will call him Joshua," she said. "It means the Creator is generous."

"Very well, Joshua it is," the A.I. replied. It paused, "Miriam?"


"Please listen carefully to the words I am about to tell you. The child you bear will be unlike anyone else on this world. He will have capabilities far beyond the understanding of your greatest minds. It will be a difficult task, but please, keep him on the proper path with kindness and love. If you do these things, he might change your civilization for the better."

"I will, I promise," the young girl said as she watched the angel fade into the darkness.

Geneticus disconnected the tunnel and returned the system clock to normal. It only needed a few hours to attend to Wendy and then it would retrieve her son from the partition. The A.I. calculated that approximately 35 years would pass on Miriam's world. It hoped this would be long enough for this experiment to have a positive effect on Cain's legacy and mitigate some of Elle's venom introduced into the Sub-System at the Spawn Point.

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