Chapter XXIX

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Earth. 3rd Planet from the star, Sol, Egypt, Cairo,

Eighteen Earth Years Ago

"Tell your pilot to set us down here, Mr. Schmidt," Elle commanded.

            "Right here? In the middle of Cairo?" he asked as he eyed the woman curiously.

            "I do not believe I stuttered," the Arcturan said sharply looking down at the bustling market below them. She observed the sun-soaked helicopter's shadow blanketing the busy colorful people below as they passed overhead.

            "Lieutenant set us down at the Cairo airport."

            "Exactly what part of land us right here did you not understand?" Elle retorted and glared at the CIA agent.

            "That is the Ataba market and it is full of people today. I..." Gary could see his arguments were falling on deaf ears. Ears connected to someone ready to kill him for disobeying her. "Set us down. I don't fucking care, set us down, now!" the agent shouted into his headset, staring into the threatening green eyes.

            "Thank you," Elle said with a smile.

            Carts and tables tumbled end over end, sending jewelry and once-neatly folded clothing flying as the Black Hawk's large propellers forcefully displaced the air around it. Papers and dust caught in the wake of small whirlwinds whipped through nearby alleyways. The crowds of marketgoers and merchants cursed the uninvited intruders as they scrambled to rescue themselves or their wares from beneath the shadow of the large flying machine looming over them.

The rapidly growing sounds of several police sirens echoed throughout the city. A handful of local officers already on the scene were fearlessly pushing their way through the crowd with automatic weapons expecting to defend their citizens from an obvious American invasion. They were ill prepared however to handle what they did see. The image of a naked, pregnant bronze goddess stepping gingerly from the unwelcome flying beast that forcefully landed in the middle of their square. She smiled at the onlookers and in fluent Egyptian demanded for someone to bring her their finest clothing.

            The first police officer on the scene lifted his weapon and shouted for Elle to put her hands up.

            "Well, look at you, brave little man, so tough pointing a weapon at an unarmed female. Sadly, you will have to be my first volunteer."

            "Volunteer?" the officer asked the strange woman, slightly lowering his rifle.

            "To die as an example to the others," Elle said with a grin. "They need to understand that they shouldn't fuck with me." She pointed a finger at the man and laughed.

            The officer's mouth fell open as his weapon dissolved in his hands, the particles of the rifle flowing like dark sand between his fingers. He turned, attempting to run only to find he was suddenly floating in the air and choking, held around the neck by some invisible force no one around him could explain. Women screamed and parents pulled their children close as they observed the terrifying supernatural episode.

            Elle yawned and effortlessly tossed the man against a building, his dead body falling with a thud into the street. "Next?"

            More soldiers and police officers spilled into the square in time to witness the event. They lifted their weapons and pointed them at Elle, their rifles generating clinking noises as the men's hands shook from fear. The useless weapons clattered to the concrete as their feet lifted from the ground.

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