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The Unknown Halstead by Chicago_PD_
The Unknown Halsteadby Chicago P.D.
Jadelyn Elizabeth Halstead. Her mother took her somewhere and never came back. Learning to be independent, wanting to help people, and make a difference in the world she...
  • chicagopd
  • unknown
  • detective
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BEYOND THE SHELL by PeterGachuiri
BEYOND THE SHELLby Peter Gachuiri
If life were a debate session, we would be required to choose a side and promote and defend the ideas that only support the position of our chosen side. In a debate sett...
  • purpose
  • evolution
  • emptiness
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Inside Out by Dianakrd
Inside Outby Dianakrd
A short guide to real Beauty.
  • beauty
  • intellectual
  • foodforthough
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TRAITOR -  Book 1 Warlord and Multiverse Series by dennistann1
TRAITOR - Book 1 Warlord and dennistann1
On the verge of old age and entering an old aged home Jason's 80-year-old wife suicides after she is diagnosed with dementia and he faces murder charges. He is asked to...
  • traitor
  • alien
  • pirates
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The Curse of Intelligence by That_Trash_Thing
The Curse of Intelligenceby Sloane
My name is Alexa Ash, and this is the journal that my Dad gave me today since it's my birthday. I don't know what I want to write about, so I'll write my hatred for scho...
  • lgbtaq
  • intellegence
  • realistic
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IIT Hyderabad launches BTech in Artificial Intelligence by searchurcollegenoida
IIT Hyderabad launches BTech in searchurcollegenoida
From the academic session 2019-2020 Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Hyderabad is launching a full-fledged BTech Program in Artificial Intelligence (AI). IITH also b...
  • institute
  • artificial
  • indian
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YOU NEED TO THINK by alberteinstein11
YOU NEED TO THINKby All rights reserved©
"IT'S NOT MY FAULT SHE BETRAYED ME" screamed the king, he carried on," and just because of that i will not even talk to a girl." "or you could j...
  • betrayal
  • intelligence
  • storyinthestorybook
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Voyage Robots by krishngupta
Voyage Robotsby krishn gupta
The impact of robotic machines in the modern era of mankind.
  • bots
  • meanmachines
  • touchscreen
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Twisted by EarlyEquestrian
Twistedby Ruby Jones
So... Well what do I say. First I fall in love with the wrong guy. Second I find out he's a... (Drum roll please) Yep! Vampire. His brother who is a werewolf also is in...
  • paranormal
  • power
  • funny
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Key Requirements for an Effective Enterprise Search Solution by eliselowry
Key Requirements for an Elise Lowry
Enterprise search software is fast emerging as an essential investment for organizations to leverage the increasing volumes of unstructured data. This article enlists th...
  • data
  • enterprise
  • solution
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Under a Red Kite by Jamie2521
Under a Red Kiteby Jamie2521
A directionless former Military Intelligence analyst is contacted by an old comrade and follows his own path to find out why a lost friend died. Feedback greatly appreci...
  • gangster
  • intelligence
  • hard-boiled
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Isolated Memories by TheJonasDavid
Isolated Memoriesby Jonas David
The afterlife was not what Quinn expected. After a sudden car crash, Quinn finds himself in a blank, white room being called by a stranger's name and questioned about ev...
  • consciousness
  • reincarnation
  • robot
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The Power of Five by Zahnerkid
The Power of Fiveby Zahnerkid
When a girlfriend boyfriend combo find out that they have special abilities and have to save a plane from crashing into the St. Louis Arch. Will the plane land in time o...
  • strength
  • intelligence
  • fiction
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Smart by ShadowBobcat10
Smartby Shadow E. Bobcat
Amery has never been good at school. In fact, she's just about the bottom of her class, and this is impacting on her future greatly. Oh, and one more thing. Her city...
  • future
  • genetics
  • scifi
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Beyond by only-words-bleed
Beyondby only-words-bleed
has never given into the idea of "normality" that has corrupted so many intellectually gifted minds. Now in the psychiatric ward of Maxwell, being the only unc...
  • phych
  • inteligence
  • curran
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