Chapter II

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Cenerea, 3rd planet from the star Letria. Regalius, The Homeland,

Central Region, The Capitol City,

114 Darvon Street, Five Cenerean Years Ago

Wendy found it difficult to manipulate Elle's body on the first day, an experience similar to what she dealt with at the Spawn Point during her re-generation. She found she also had trouble dealing with the intermixing of her thoughts and memories with those of Elle's. Their timelines were crisscrossing, creating occasional bouts of confusion.

Things seemed to improve over the next four days as Wendy spent time with Gertie and Geneticus or studied up on the Cenerean history she missed. Then, on the fifth day, she began experiencing flashes of duality, as she would call it. When Jay tried to recreate one of the dates the couple would go on at the wall in the Spawn Point, things changed dramatically. He had driven them into the mountains to stare out over the lights of the Homeland, but the romantic gesture only resulted in Wendy curled up in a fetal position in the back of the transport and Jay defying the speed maximum with Modified Reflection on to get her home.

Wendy began to feel as if she might lose her mind as these episodes of duality grew in intensity and frequency until she began forgetting things, important things including her own identity. That's when Jay came home to find the love of his life passed out in the closet of their bedroom with the lights out. Terrified, he knew something had to be done and he needed G's help once more. He lifted her limp body and carried her down the ramp.

"G! Something's wrong with Wendy, she won't wake..."

"Jay?" Wendy said, shakily.

"Yeah, baby, I got you..."

"Please help me. I'm so cold and...and the light is so hurts."

Jay sat Wendy down next to the fusion generator and shut off the lights to that section of the lab.

"I might be able to reconnect you to a neural connection and properly sort your memories if I could remove you from Elle's body," Geneticus said. "I would have to put you into a deep sleep to do it, though."

Wendy sat shivering in the dark, wrapped in Jay's arms as he held a blanket around her. She shakily leaned forward into the light, her face streaked with tears. "Please! Anything at this point, I am going nuts," she pleaded, desperation saturating her voice.

The idea of Geneticus not simply tinkering with Wendy's already precariously balanced mind, but actually removing her from it, had Jay concerned. However, he knew there was no other choice and he had learned by now to trust G when it came to anything Wendy. If there were anyone who would do everything in their power to help the woman that Jay loved more than life itself, it would be this damn A.I.

Wendy closed her eyes tightly as she lay back in the stasis pod and Geneticus produced the neural connection.

Flash! Suddenly, the woman found herself standing in a deep black expanse, similar to the color of the Deoxcellirium that Geneticus was created from.

"Hello Wendy, are you okay?" inquired the familiar voice, the darkness swirling around her with each word spoken.

"Yes, Geneticus, thank you," she replied, peering into the emptiness. "It's such a relief to hear only my own thoughts in my head for the moment."


Wendy saw a bright ball of light forming close to where she stood and it glided over to her. The image shimmered and sparkled until it assumed a nearly human form. "Is that you, Geneticus?"

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