Chapter XIV

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Cenerea, 3rd planet from the star Letria. Regalius, The Homeland,

Central Region, Outside Of The Capitol City,

The Spawn Point II, Current Day

Jay laughed. "Josh is asleep in the backseat of the transport, completely worn out from playing in that field," he said, walking over to his pretty, reclining wife. "You know, Wendy, I am going to build us a home up here one day when this is all over," the Scientist General said as he sat down next to her in the grass of Spawn Point II.

Wendy was watching Letria set. "That would be wonderful, husband," she said as a warm breeze blew over them carrying the scent of nearby flowers.

"I just hope we can figure this entire thing out."

"You began telling me about Geneticus on the ride up, indicating there was more to the data than what I saw. What else did Harold have on that memory stick, exactly?"

Jay rolled to his side and faced Wendy. "It is a backdoor script he put in the mainframe's Sub-System to shut G down if it was to ever get out of control. It is a safeguard to protect everyone."

"That's crazy." The woman lay back with her arms crossed behind her head staring up at the clouds streaked across the violet sky. "We should tell Geneticus. Then, if there was ever a point it thought about hurting the human race it would think twice," Wendy offered. "Still, I just don't see Geneticus doing anything like that."

"That's because you, my love, are alive. I would be afraid it might lose its mind if you were ever killed. I know the machine loves that nutball over there and me. But, it's just not the same with you. It's something vastly different."

"How are we going to hide what we know from G? It will pick up our thoughts."

Jay grinned. "We will get help from the people on the Earth."

Wendy sat up. "How? What are they going to do?"

"You are not the only one who has been watching Earth movies. I recently watched one waiting for G to reboot called Colossus. It's about an A.I. that takes over the United States."

"And what does that have to do with what we are talking about?"

"Okay, I figured out you can thwart Gertie and G's mind-reading if you mix the truth in with a lie. I suppose its plausible deniability."

"I promised G I would never lie to it," Wendy added.

"I understand, babe, but you aren't really lying, just distracting. You only have to make yourself concentrate on the diversion, like the movie. You haven't seen it and neither has Geneticus, as far as I know. We will all watch it together in the lab tomorrow night. Just follow my lead and you will clearly see what is going on. Regardless, it will be good for all of us, G especially, to watch this film. Isn't that one of the words?"

"Yes, film is one of them. By the way, you don't think that this film's subject matter will be obvious to that big box?" Wendy asked a little concerned.

"Yes, that is why I think it might work and give us an out anytime we think of it. Regardless, what other choice do we have?"

Wendy thought for a moment. "I suppose you are right. But, I am not going in that house until after the movie has started. I will be too nervous."

"Go over to the Arcturan Mansion, tonight."

Jay's wife shot him a really angry look. "Right now, I want to fucking kill that bitch for what she did to Gil. I don't think I can go over there for a while."

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