Chapter XV

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Cenerea, 3rd planet from the star Letria. Regalius, The Homeland, Central Region,

Just Outside Of The Capitol City, The Arcturan Estate,

Forty-Two Cenerean Years and One Month Ago

"Mr. Bouri, welcome to the Arcturan mansion. Please come in," said the pretty, green-eyed girl with a smile. She wore a sheer, form-fitting dress that might as well have been nothing at all. "My sister is waiting for you. Follow me." The girl rolled her fingers out in front of her indicating the direction they were walking and closed the door behind him as the handsome young man walked inside.

Harold found difficulty focusing on just one lovely body at a time as he ambled through the gargantuan home trailing behind the gorgeous young woman. The hacker noted there were women everywhere, most wearing very little, if anything at all. He was able to ascertain that Arcturans were truly redheads in every sense of the word. He even considered the notion that this place might have been heaven and he had just died.

He noticed a handful of men lounging about by an indoor pool with some very gorgeous bodies writhing around on top of them. The ex-hacker assumed these poor fellows might be Arcturan slaves. Harold thought that might not be such a bad thing. Slaves to all of this beauty. Day in and day out. "How horrible." He smiled at his inside joke. However, when he saw one of the female slaves and one of their Arcturan partners all wrapped up together. He couldn't make out the woman's face, but her body made him think of Browne and the times he spent with her and Josie. His smile disappeared.

"Here we are, Mr. Bouri," the young girl said severing him from his memories. She opened what he assumed to be the door to her sister's room. "Oh, and if my sister doesn't take care of you...come find me." The beautiful goddess wrinkled her nose and smiled sweetly. She giggled as she walked away.

"I think I will," the young man said watching her perfect round hips sway back and forth as she walked down the hall.

"You think you will what, Mr. Bouri?" A seductive voice inquired from inside the dimly lit room. "She is nothing but a lesser sister. It would be such a letdown, I promise you. But, if that is what you want, I can arrange it afterwards. For now, please come inside and close the door. We have a business matter to discuss."

The tall young man stepped into the candlelit room and shut the door behind him. As his eyes slowly adjusted, they beheld a beautifully curved, barely clothed Arcturan goddess. She was pleasantly filled out like Browne, but was taller. He needed to sit down before it was too late. "Alright. Can you tell me why you asked me to travel all the way out here? Look, I really appreciate the generosity you have given me so far, so don't get me all wrong." Harold grinned as he sat down in a very plush, velour chair. "I am just a bit perplexed. I thought you ladies all went for more of the up-and-comer types. I shouldn't have ever seen the inside of this place."

The woman laughed. "You are very funny, Mr. Bouri and also very correct. For that matter, yes, you would probably never get to see an Arcturan naked or even have had one come on to you in your whole life. But, is your lucky day, because Meta, I need something from you."

Harold squinted. "Who told you about me? How did you know that name?"

The woman seductively rolled a leg back over an armrest and placed a finger to her cheek. "I can find out anything I want, when I want, and about whom I want." She said breathlessly.

Harold raised an eyebrow in understanding. "Fine. Then, what can I do for someone like you," He asked raising an eyebrow.

"Ms. Lilith Arcturis. Call me Lily."

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