Chapter V

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Cenerea, 3rd planet from the star Letria. Regalius, The Homeland,

Central Region, Outside Of The Capitol City,

Current Day

Wendy held Jay's hand as they drove into the mountains. Josh was happily playing with toy soldiers in the back seat as if nothing happened the previous evening.

"Okay, we're almost there," Jay said turning the steering control and navigating the machine down a bumpy, wooded trail. The transport stopped when they arrived at an open, sunlit field filled with grass and flowers. "And here we are."

"Oh my! It looks like the Spawn Point!" Wendy said excitedly.

"I found it on some reconnaissance photos looking for spots we could go and not be seen or heard. It was just too perfect. I am calling it Spawn Point 2."

"It's wonderful!" Wendy hugged Jay's neck. "Josh, come see!"

The little boy unbuckled himself, jumped over the front seat, and leapt from the transport into the grass. "Wow! Can I?" He looked up at his mother.

"Yes, but only a little bit, not too far."

"Yes ma'am," the child said running toward a patch of purple flowers.

Jay and Wendy located a spot beneath a large tree and lay next to each other in the grass. They stared up at the sky in silence, their minds both returned to the peace of the Spawn Point.

"Was this the only reason you brought us up here, Jay?" Wendy asked, breaking the silence. She smiled as she looked over at Josh playing in the field.

"No. I needed to speak to you away from Geneticus."

"About Josh?"

"Yeah, we do need to talk about that, but right now, it's G I'm a little worried with."

Wendy sat up and shot her husband an odd look. "Why would you be concerned about that old A.I.? Geneticus is not the enemy."

Jay swallowed. "I didn't say it was, but after yesterday, I just began wondering what might happen when G finally gets control of the Homeland defense systems...about how far it might go if it loses its temper know? What if the HDF tries to fight it? Or the people rise up? Things are different now. The citizens of the Homeland don't know what freedom is anymore, they could go on the defensive. Would G stop, then? Could we...?"

"Could we what?" Wendy asked with a raised eyebrow. She was now seated upright and glared at her husband.

Jay thought carefully about what he was going to say next.

"I'm listening," Wendy said impatiently. "Go on."

"Okay, hypothetically, let's say G has control over the Homeland missile system, what would happen if it reacted in the same way Josh did to General Browne and similarly, what occurred when Geneticus' Sub-System encountered me and Elle? What if there was no way to shut it down or..."

"Or what?"

" know?"

"No, I don't know," Wendy replied, an angry look painted over her face.

"Okay fine. Kill it."

"Seriously, Jay Levant? Don't you dare say anything like that ever again! It would never hurt humanity. Look at the way it is taking care of the Earth! And for that matter, you sound like Harold. That A.I. is my creation and my best friend!"

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