human. | ✓ by YOONGIER
human. | ✓by | 逼逼 ⚡️
a robot who falls in love with his human maker. for jimin. © YOONGIER
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Raptor of War by Epicness1000
Raptor of Warby HelenE with an E
In the year 2237. . . Humanity is dying. The Resource Crisis has become severe. Countries collapse one by one, though those that remain fight a futile war over the scrap...
  • genetic
  • science
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Big Data: A Startup Thriller Novel by LucasCarlson
Big Data: A Startup Thriller Novelby Lucas Carlson
If you think artificial intelligence is dangerous, then you don't know the real threat to humanity's future... Luna Valencia is the founder of the hottest artificial int...
  • entrepreneurship
  • programmer
  • novel
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Artificial Robot || BTS FF by kook135nCr34m
Artificial Robot || BTS FFby _
The 7 boys woke up to find a big package. When they opened it up it revealed a human girl , or so they thought it was human. The creator left notes for them every once a...
  • technology
  • jungkook
  • kookie
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fortuity | jhs  by cherilune
fortuity | jhs by sunny
❝sometimes it's best to forget, but it's different if you can't remember❞ and so his confide danced along the wind, their memories fly with it as their love remains reme...
  • hoseok
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Tech-gether by MLILAF
Tech-getherby My Life Is Like A Fiction
Izaya Orihara Died, and Shizuo fell into depression as he lost the one he cherished the most, and regretted that he never said what he really ment to him.
  • durarara
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Tokyo Ghoul ( roll ) by Angeldelaverno789
Tokyo Ghoul ( roll )by Kaneki Ken
es mi primer roll, ojala les guste
  • amorpeligroso
  • rol
  • fnafhs
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The Dome City by Meemee1978
The Dome Cityby Nichole
It's so hot, what is going on. Is it even humanly possible to sweat this much?" Oh, but the temperature is just perfect "Who is that? Wait, you can hear my tho...
  • satan
  • prophecy
  • demons
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New Elysium **Currently Editing** by Red_Leasia
New Elysium **Currently Editing**by BrightStar
Highest ranking #59 in Science Fiction! [4/13/18] This is the first draft... All comments welcome. If you loved it, great! If you hated it, great! Please leave comments...
  • sciencefiction
  • augmented
  • robots
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artificial || yoon jeonghan by sunshineyoonji
artificial || yoon jeonghanby uiko
"it's not real." "i'm not real." [lower case intended]
  • jeonghan
  • yoon
  • fanfiction
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Artificial Flavors by A_Spoonful_Of_Salt
Artificial Flavorsby M.M.
In which Izuku Midoriya is simply a Noumu nicknamed Deku, made for the sole purpose of infiltrating UA high school. Unfortunately for the League of Villains, the artific...
  • kindofdumb
  • izuku
  • dadmight
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New Elysium: Weapons of War by New_Elysium
New Elysium: Weapons of Warby New_Elysium
Something is creeping through the systems, and a dark shadow has befallen cyberspace. After Red rescued Ember from the clutches of her father, and almost died in the pro...
  • spaceopera
  • artificial
  • space
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Artificial Lover - Haechan by mianhaebae
Artificial Lover - Haechanby puppy
"I love you." "I already warned you, don't fall for me 'cause when you do I'm not going to catch you." And at that moment Haechan lose his grip on h...
  • jeno
  • smtown
  • smrookies
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artificial light by burningbrightfire
artificial lightby h i a t u s
in which a girl struggles to see the light and a boy is determined to grab the sun for her 「all rights reserved. lowercase int...
  • 2018awardsss
  • freementalillness
  • light
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After the End (Being Reworked/Retconned) by derec519
After the End (Being Reworked/ DereC
A 68 page Sci-Fi/Post Apocalyptic story about the aftermath of humans, a megacorporation AI still believes it's running, and conflicts between the two. And allusions to...
  • future
  • science-fantasy
  • fanfiction
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Welcome to UniSon!  -  Minicat//Wildladd by Aisle_8
Welcome to UniSon! - Minicat// Aisle Eight
With the rise of Artificial Intelligence, you'd think it would help with the rising problem of Loneliness, but the absence of a body and voice makes it considerably more...
  • chat
  • intelligence
  • artificial
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SAD ROBOT: an autobiography of my unfortunate existence by BrendanOlenick
SAD ROBOT: an autobiography of Brendan Olenick
Sci-Fi/Humor My name is Hiram and I like to blog about stuff on the internet, especially about my friend that I live with - Milo, an unhappy young man troubled by the do...
  • robots
  • autobiography
  • science-fiction
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Ashlee's Art Book by ThatGrungeWriter
Ashlee's Art Bookby spooky ashlee (˼●̙̂ ̟ ̟̎ ̟ ̘●...
Drawings I make that are either based off of any of my books or just I general to post for readers to view. :) Drawings made by me.
  • artbook
  • artist
  • art
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Hidden Demons by schnazyyy
Hidden Demonsby schnazyyy
Addilyn has grown up with an average life Normal parents Annoying, but still normal older twin brothers Normal school life Normal friends So what happens when her life g...
  • powerful
  • family
  • run
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Artificial: Book 1, Artificial Memories by Someone-Reading
Artificial: Book 1, Artificial ~Kiri~
The definition of artificial: Something or someone man made; not of natural occurrence. The definition of accident: 2. When two vehicles crash together. The definition o...
  • music
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  • memories
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