Chapter XII

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Cenerea, 3rd planet from the star Letria. Regalius, The Homeland,

Central Region, The Capitol City,

114 Darvon Street, Current Day

            "Alright Geneticus? Are you ready for these new network patches? This is the latest and greatest batch of encrypted backdoor port scripts from Mount Smith," Jay said with his index finger ready. "I had to shut Genesis down for an hour to get them downloaded, so, it will probably be close to the same timeframe to get you updated with this old equipment. By that time, Wendy should be back from the estate."

            "That's fine, Jay. I'm ready," the A.I. said. "Preparing for shutdown. Sub-System launching..."

            "Goin' night-night, bud." Jay tapped the virtual 'Return' key and Geneticus fell silent. "Alright G, see you in a bit." The scientist yawned with a stretch and then placed his hands palm down on his lap with a smack. "Now, where did that input stylus go?" he asked himself, only to realize the cylindrical object might have rolled off the workbench when he was working with the A.I. He knelt down searching blindly under the workbench with his fingers.

"Huh? What is this?" Jay noticed a small storage stick taped underneath the workspace's edge. He forgot about the stylus and removed the object from its secured location. He stood and examined the old backup device. He wiped a layer of dust from the object and noticed it had the numbers, 2837 written on it in faded black ink. "Harold said those four digits to me when he fell in the kitchen," Jay thought to himself. He had always believed the old man's brain tumor was making him hallucinate because Harold told him, "...not to tell Geneticus." The A.I. was not functioning at the time. Evidently, he realized, his interpretation was wrong.

            The Scientist General walked to an offline terminal workstation, turned it on, and inserted the device. A folder named 2837 appeared on the flickering screen. He opened it. Inside were hundreds of documents, photos, data logs, personnel records, and one compressed folder labeled, "Geneticus Kill Script."

            "Huh?" Jay exclaimed. He wondered if he should call Wendy, then thought better of it and opened the file. Inside were executables, folders, and an information document that said, 'readme'. Jay selected it.

            "Jay, if you are reading this, then I am either dead or dying. I do not know if you have managed to bring Geneticus online, yet. If you have, then you are about to face some difficulties similar to what I experienced at the lab with the A.I. many years ago. You must mentally prepare yourself to hide the information contained in this folder from the machine. I'm sorry to do this to you, but it is of utmost importance! If Geneticus knew about the contents of this folder it could possibly ruin any relationship you have with it and you would never be able to shut it down if the time ever came."

            "Shut what down? Geneticus, really? What is Harold talking about?"

            "Inside this folder are scripts that will, if run, completely shut down Geneticus. I wrote the same code into Geneticus' operating system when I activated the Confederation network takeover scripts. I needed a safeguard inside the A.I. to stop it if it ever became too powerful or evil. When I built the new mainframe, I had the same safeguards hardcoded in its basic input and output firmware. Wendy trusted it and I did as well. Nevertheless, that was when Wendy was alive. Now, there is no one it loves enough to stop it if it ever decided to take revenge on the Homeland or humanity in general."

            "Strangely, that makes sense," Jay thought. Harold definitely was a smart guy, even though he was evidently a little twisted. Regardless, Jay could now see how the old man might have pulled a fast one over on the smartest machine on the planet. "But, how am I supposed to hide this knowledge from Geneticus?" the young man wondered. Jay looked down at his wrist. There remained a little over forty minutes to review this data and figure out some way to keep it a secret. He returned his attention to the terminal monitor.

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