Chapter XXXII

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Earth. 3rd Planet from the star, Sol, United Arcturan Empire,

The Former Washington, D.C., The White House,

Current Day, June 2nd, 2034

"Send him in, slave..." Elle commanded, briefly looking up from her alumiglass datapad to observe the human entering the room.

A soldier wearing a white dress uniform very similar in appearance to something seen on Cenerea, marched into the Oval Office Throne Room, through the antique-filled chamber, and knelt before the Arcturan.

Elle wore a shimmering gown that glistened in the overhead lighting. Pinpoints of light reflected from the material like a mirrored disco ball, responding to her every movement. Behind her, outside sunlight attempted to force its way through the light-reactant, pearlescent tint covering the three large windows at the rear of the former Presidential office. It added a soft hazy glow that only further accentuated the Arcturan's already stunning beauty. To the guard, Mother Arcturis was gorgeous, appearing practically angelic, but he understood very well, she was far from anything 'heavenly'. He lowered his head in reverent fear. "Mother, the 2nd Carolina Science Regiment of the Church of the Holy Man has reported that they have isolated the modulation signal!"

Demios stared down his tan, muscular arm, twiddling his fingers in the air behind the man's head and snickered as he reclined back on the antique presidential sofa once owned by Ronald Reagan or Bill Clinton or one of those people. "Who fucking cares..." he thought to himself. "Worthless humans, all of them."

"Demios! Sit up!"

The young man shot upright, his silken, pearlescent robes falling around him exposing his chiseled physique. His sudden action startled the man kneeling on the ground only a couple meters away. The soldier flinched at the booming sound of Demios' voice emanating from behind him.

"Seriously, Mother!?!!" the teenage god exclaimed.

"This is important and I need to you to pay attention!" Elle shouted angrily, glaring at her son from across the room.

"Very well, Mother!"

"Continue soldier..." the Arcturan said, returning her attention to the guard. She rested her chin on her right hand and leaned forward.

"Yes, Mother Arcturis. The scientists say they have verified that the signal matches the frequency you have specified and it does seem to be intelligent. Also, and this is according to Dr. Joseph's report, it, um, it makes changes at a quantum level, I believe that's what he said, and it responds to...responds to everything."

"Can you explain that to me? What does the doctor mean by, it responds to everything?" Elle requested.

"Um, I am not sure I can..."

"Really?" Demios asked, as he stood and strode angrily across the room. He loomed over the much shorter, kneeling man quaking in his shadow. Elle's son was by definition the epitome of a Greek god. Standing at nearly seven feet tall and probably the most beautiful human on the planet, the young man was replete with a nasty demeanor and the reputation that went with it. "Do you know who you are speaking to, slave? Why would you dare come in here so ill-informed and unprepared?" Demios produced a nasty grin. "So, how about you give it your best try then, slave?" he said, bending over to make direct eye contact with the human, who responded by quickly darting his vision away.

"Alright, here goes..." the man stammered, his voice and body trembling.

"No need, soldier, you may go," Elle said and rolled her fingers, dismissing the very grateful human. The man scrambled to his feet and backed quickly through the door and Mother Arcturis lowered her eyes back to her tablet.

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