Chapter XXVII

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Earth. 3rd Planet from the star, Sol, Africa,

Eden aka The Spawn Point

160,000 Earth Years Ago

Elle stumbled from the column of blue energy as if shoved and fell backwards onto the ground. She stared despondently into the azure flames distorting the cloud-filled sky and surrounding jungle visible through the beam. "Jay! You asshole, come back!" she screamed. The woman gasped as she watched the fiery beam begin to sputter and then disappear into the heavens, leaving a large round patch of vegetation on the ground that was oddly much greener than the surrounding grass. "No, please don't leave me! I'm sorry!" the Arcturan whispered. "Jay? Please?" She sat up onto her knees and after several moments of receiving no reply, sadly lowered her head to the ground. A tear fell from her eye and splashed onto an unfamiliar hand. She quickly lifted the appendages up in front of her, flashing them side-to-side in observation. Elle frantically felt her face with her fingers. It, too, was different. "Son of a bitch, I knew that goddamned A.I. was going to put that binary bitch into my body up there on Cenerea," she thought to herself.

"Look! Lucenda fucking Arcturan devil fell back to ground!" shouted a voice. "She different!"

Elle flinched at the sound of her name called from behind her.

"First, you kill my brother and family, now you steal JayWendy's body?" yelled another.

Elle quickly stood to her feet and noticed Cain standing only yards from her, holding the sharp rock she had given him to kill Wendy Powell. Two dozen more humans appeared from the jungle behind him, all of them different from before, all of them human.

"She trying to trick us! Be careful," said Cain, angrily.

"Don't come any closer!" Elle shouted, lifting a hand. She pointed a finger at the filthy sims, however, nothing happened. "Fuck! I am in Wendy's native body," she realized, then turned to run, only to catch a rock to her head.


Elle's eyes fluttered open as the dark clouds of unconsciousness lifted. She tried to move her hand to her throbbing head, but was unable. After a brief look around, the Arcturan quickly realized she was lying on the floor in Wendy's cabin with both of her hands somehow restrained behind her back. She noticed Cain and several of the other natives seated with their backs to her on the wood floor only a few meters from where she lay. The group of humans sat in a semicircle around a fire raging in the stone fireplace, most of Wendy's furniture shoved carelessly to the side to make room. Elle lay quietly, examining their terse expressions highlighted by the orange and yellow flames. Suddenly, she realized she could understand the odd people and assumed Jay must have given them all the ability to speak before he left, just as she did Cain, minus the anger.

"What we do, Cain?" asked his mother, Eve.

"Don't know, momma. JayWendy say, not to kill. Only kill for food or defend self. She can't hurt us now, so not that."

Elle, breathed a sigh of relief then quickly closed her eyes as one of the clan members looked her direction.

"Look like she awake," a younger male said, pointing his finger toward her. "Faker."

"I check, Seth," Cain said, standing. He crept over toward the Arcturan and knelt next to her. "You awake, Lucenda fucking Arcturan devil?" The boy poked the woman on the arm.

Elle's eyes shot open, sending Cain scrambling backwards. "Yes, and stop calling me that stupid name, you idiot!"

Cain regained his composure and cautiously crept closer and sat down, cross-legged, near Elle so he could observe her. "Then what I call you?"

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