Chapter XXV

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Cenerea, 3rd planet from the star Letria. Regalius, The Homeland,

Central Region, Just Outside Of The Capitol City,

The Arcturan Estate, Current Day

Emerging from the horrific dungeon, Wendy's once white dress was now completely drenched in red along with every centimeter of her body. Light pierced her eyes as she entered the bright adjacent room. She quickly lifted a hand and squinted from the pain of the radiant energy. As her sight slowly returned, she found herself surrounded by Elle's sisters and their slaves kneeling before her. She recognized scores of high-ranking Homeland officials and celebrities interspersed in the assembly. Wendy noted the seven sisters accompanying her and Jinah into the stony chamber at the beginning of The Twelve were still wearing their red dresses. They darted into the room behind her as she walked further in.

Wendy spotted several Arcturan women fearfully glance up at her as she slowly walked by them. Judging from their reactions, Wendy was afraid of what she might behold when she finally stood in front of a mirror. The crowd stood as she walked by.

"Long live Queen Lucenda!" the room shouted in unison. Wendy grimaced at the sound of Elle's real name echoing through the chamber. She nodded to the crowd and began looking for an exit. She desperately wished to get into a shower.


"Dammit, I look like the girl from the movie Carrie!" Wendy exclaimed staring at her awful, nauseating reflection in the shiny glass. The horrible image she beheld was a near perfect copy of the girl on the cinema poster.

"What is a moo-vee carry, Mother?" asked one of Elle's sisters, busily laying out Wendy's clothing on the surface of a massive four post bed.

"Nothing. Forget I said it."

"Yes, Mother," the girl replied.

"Where is the shower?"

"Your bath?"

"Whatever you want to call it," Wendy retorted in annoyance.

"You mean is your bath ready, ma'am?"

"Fine. Is my bath ready, then?" Wendy shouted angrily over her shoulder, no need for an Elle impersonation at this point. She was ready to begin the process of removing the dried human fluids and remains from her body.

Another woman with fiery locks appeared from an adjacent room and bowed, "Yes, ma'am it is."

"Excellent..." The newly crowned Mother Arcturis paused before she said, "Thank you." Wendy would have to be careful with those kinds of faux pas for the time being. She strode into Jinah's excessively large bathroom and was greeted by four more Arcturan women in white dresses standing waist deep in the steaming water of her apparent bath. They all bowed in unison. At this point, Wendy didn't care what they were doing there; she just wanted to be clean.

She attempted to lift the dress from her body only to find it was well attached to her skin. "Someone get me a knife or something and help me cut this fucking thing off!" Wendy yelled in frustration, realizing Jay would have probably said that her Arcturan was showing, but she wouldn't have cared. She was over it.

The four women scrambled from the water, two slipping on the tile in their haste, and falling to their rears. Wendy tried not to laugh, managing to release only a snicker, and look away. Finally, one of the two remaining handmaidens secured a pair of scissors. She rushed up to her new queen and slowly began removing the stained material.

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