Chapter Fiveteen

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"So that's how we met." I said with a smile.

Suho just nods, not understanding anything.

"Aah.. so cute!" Leah said. "You are handsome!" She said in English. "You are lucky that you're with Yixing."

I smiled.

"Yes!" Suho said with laugh. "Xièxiè" he said proud.

The two womans clapped. "Good job!" Leah said with a wink.

"Are you hungry? I don't have a lot in house, but I can give you some cookies." Grandmom asked.

"Are you hungry babe?" I asked Suho. He shyly nods.

"Yes Zǔmǔ, thank you."

She left and Leah came closer to me.

"Did you.. already go to.." She didn't know which words to use.

"Yes. I already went to the cementery. Don't worry." I pulled her into a side hug.

"I really missed you." And she leans to my neck.

"I missed you too. Come to Korea when you have time. There are really handsome mans."

She nods. When I looked at her face, I saw some tears.

"Why are you crying?" I asked, wiping her tears.

"You forgot me." She said. Still crying.

"I didn't. I always thought of you."

"You left me behind.."

I felt guilty. Because I did. I left her behind. "I am sorry Leah.." I pulled her closer.

"It's okay. Don't forget to give your number. I don't want to lose contact again." She said, breaking out embrace.

"Don't hug me often. Your boyfriend looks really jealous at me." She said laughing and wiping her tears away.

I looked to my side, Suho not looking to me. A little sad.

"It's okay. He is the girl in our relationship." I said.

"Here are the cookies with tea!" Grandmom walks in with a tray.

"Come see me when you are in Korea." I said to grandmom. I hugged her tight and broke the embrace.

"Of course Yixing, that's the only reason why I would go to Korea." She said.

"Find a nice guy for me." Leah said and hugged me.

"Xièxiè for tea and cookie." Suho said to grandmom with signing with his hands.

Grandmom just laughed and hugged him.

"Bye Suho." Leah said and hugged Suho. "Be careful to Yixing. He seems strong, but he is really fragile." Leah whispered, but I could hear her.

Suho just nods and smiles.

We walked away to the bus, waving all the time to the two woman.

"They are really nice. She seems to like you." Suho said staring outside in the bus.

"Yeah grandmom really likes me." I said teasing.

"That's not who I mean."

"Come here." And I pulled him into a sidehug just like before with Leah.

"Don't try that with me. You can flirt with her, but it won't work with me." He said and looks the other way.

"Oh please. I already said she is a childhoodfriend that I haven't see for years. And I am with you."

Suho just keeps ignoring me. We walked out of the bus, to the hotel. He ignored me till we were in the room.

He walked to the bed and let himself fall on it. I took my chance and let myself fall on Suho.

"Ya, you are heavy."

"Come on babe. Don't be mad. I won't see her till I don't know when, but not soon that for sure. You trust me right?"

He doesn't respond on me. Instead, he hugs me back.

"Mianhae... Ah.. I am really the girl in our relationship.." He lays his head in my neck. "You smell nice."

"I know. Shall we order roomservice?"

After dinner in the room, we watch a movie in our room, but the language was Chinese, so I had to translate everything. And in the end, it wasn't worth it, because Suho fell asleep in the middle of the movie.

I woke up with a warm body at my side.
Suho hugged me as a koala, while I was laying at the edge of the bed.

"Su.. move a bit." I whispered.
"Aniyo... I don't want to."
"Su.. I am going to fall."
"I am tired."
"Just move a bit, you can sleep furthur."

Instead of moving to the right, he pushed me unconsciously of the bed, so I fell hard with my butt on the ground.

The sound of me falling hard on the ground woke up Suho.
"Lay? What happened? Why are you laying at the ground? You idiot." Suho said jumping of the bed and help me get up.

"Ya! Who pushed me of the bed!" I respons. I get in the bed again, in the middle this time, and took all the space.

"Ya, mian. Move, I want to sleep again."

"Lay. Move.

And before I realize, He jumped above me, falling on me, squishing me into a pancake.

Before I even could react, he attacked me with kisses at my neck.

"Ya, what are you doing." I said.

But he ignored me.

"Su.. what.. wait." I pushed Suho of me.
"Su.. Sorry but." I scratched the back of my head.

"I get it. Sorry. I don't know. I am sorry. Oh my.. I made this so awkward." And he fell at the pillow, looking the other way of me.

I laid behind him and let my arm fall around his waist.

"Things aren't awkward. It was just too sudden for me." I kissed the back of his ear.

While Suho slept again.. I thought. Was it too soon? Is he already ready? Like man, we are just 2 days together. No it's too soon.

"We leave tomorrow morning." Suho said fixing his hair in the bathroom, while I stood behind him brushing my teeth.

"Shall we facetime the kids tonight?What day is it today?"

"It's saturday. And sure. I hope Luhan is okay after that incident." Suho said.

I looked outside through the window. Looking at the beautiful view, I won't see in a long time. I am going to miss China again.

"Lay! Someone is knocking at the door." I got up from the bed. I didn't hear any knocking, but I was deep in thoughts so yeah.

I walked to the door. "Who is there?" I asked.

"Why aren't you responding to my texts?" A voice said.

My eyes grew wider and I open the door slowly.

"Mrs.Wu? Mother of Kris?"

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