Her baby by steve1756
Her babyby steve1756
'None photos inside owned by me'
  • babys
  • school
  • sequel
Me and my Thug  by Z__Leoo
Me and my Thug by Z._leo
Just read you'll like it 🙃
  • trustissues
  • marriage
  • hoes
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Where were you? by Princess__23
Where were you?by |Veronica|
×Alot of Mistakes!× PS. I made this such a long time ago so sorry for all the mistakes and the parts that make absolutely no sense. #32 in babys- May 22nd, 2018 #22 in b...
  • babies
  • pregnant
  • love
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No turning back(NBA young boy) and (Ann Marie) by dallassolomon
No turning back(NBA young boy) Taylor green
Shanae refuses to go through the same exact thing all over and over again!
  • babys
  • badchoices
  • nbayoungboy
Flight.  by y_alyssaa
Flight. by Alyssa
Timberly is 19 and just got out of a relationship after she found her Bestfreind sleeping with her boyfriend. She let it go when she meet 22 year old Trayon Johnson. Thr...
  • dream
  • determination
  • teen
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Diapering the babysitter by Hey_its_kia
Diapering the babysitterby Kia
When her parents announce that they are going on a 3 month business trip for the entire summer, they get a babysitter who is Priya's worst enemy, and the school bully. L...
  • diaper
  • emarassed
  • punished
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My Kids by DEVIL1415
Keith was never a paladin of Voltron. But instead he is a Galra solider and he wants out...
  • kids
  • leon
  • hunk
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Years apart from you |Jelena| by TinaEmma
Years apart from you |Jelena|by Tina Emma
Selena got pregnant with her boyfriend at 16, he left her before her daughter was born. Selena does not share with anyone who her daughter's father is, not even Justin...
  • wattys2018
  • babygomez
  • gomez
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Too far from each other by TinaEmma
Too far from each otherby Tina Emma
Is a fanfiction of the selection series by Kiera cass. Maxon had choosen kriss to be his wife has he regret that? Americas career is going strong, but is she ready to m...
  • fanfiction
  • illéa
  • theselection
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Klance-Baby AU- by Beta_Kogane
Klance-Baby AU-by 🍡🌺Keef🌺🍡
Lance wakes up to find a baby Keith in his bed! Keith wakes up to find a baby lance in his bed! pidge is trying to find out what happened and why they found 'them selfs'...
  • altean
  • keithbaby
  • spacemall
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Baby's Breath (CHANBAEK) Español by choiraeah1
Baby's Breath (CHANBAEK) Españolby choiraeah1
Baekhyun tiene que lidiar con Chanyeol, su hermanastro, quien tiene discapacidad mental lo que hace que sienta un sinfín de emociones que son cambiantes a lo largo de l...
  • babys
  • babysbreath
  • fanfic
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falling for adym yorba /papi by LASTQUEEN420
falling for adym yorba /papiby Haylee
a girls dream came ture and met adym yorba at a meet and greet and gets a kiss not a stage kiss a real kiss and his number , it u dont like smut cussing ect dont read in...
  • papi
  • itsriccotho
  • romance
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Chasing The Sky ✔ by cherrylemonade-
Chasing The Sky ✔by ⋆ aesthethicc
2 Words that changed his life,Scotty Sires Life
  • kristenmcatee
  • baby
  • youtube
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Loving A Thug ! by Niahaynes1235
Loving A Thug !by Niahaynes1235
About A teenage loving The upcoming Kingpin READ MY BOOK AND SEE THE REST!!!!
  • friendship
  • hoodlove
  • love
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Babysitter Lay | Sulay by Familyfanfiction
Babysitter Lay | Sulayby Familyfanfiction
{COMPLETED} Suho adopted 7 children and everything went well, till his partner ran away. He met Lay at Lay's work and Lay became the nanny of the 7 noisy boys. Can Lay b...
  • suhoxlay
  • babies
  • baekyeol
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Fotinhas Daddy Kink   by KeketBaby
Fotinhas Daddy Kink by Keket_BabyS2
Aqui irei postar fotos relacionadas ao Daddy Kink Possivelmente irei interagir com vocês e também poder fazer vocês encontrarem seus babys,mommy's ou Daddy's ❤❤❤
  • babys
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  • bdsm
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Family~ereri (sequel to my monster) ×complete× by yaoi_writter
Family~ereri (sequel to my ereri-love
This takes place years from erens and levis first pair of babys, their wedding and their honeymoon. In those years eren had a pair of twin boys. (make sure you read &qu...
  • ereri
  • randomechapters
  • bottomeren
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He Owns Us, I Own Us by KierstenJohnson517
He Owns Us, I Own Usby Kiersten Johnson
This is the second book to He Owns Me, I Own Him. It is a very good book but please don't read this one until you read the first book or this book will make 0 sense to y...
  • boys
  • gắng
  • babys
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Young Thug Love by shawana14
Young Thug Loveby shawana14
This story is about a girl named Titiana who ghetto asf and done been through some fucked up ahh relationships but...someone special is gonna steal a nigga heart cont...
  • love
  • cheating
  • babys
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ask murder Ortensia  by Mrsinkydeath
ask murder Ortensia by Mrsinkydeath
warning: gore mpreg killing
  • gore
  • mpreg
  • babys
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