Where were you? by Princess__23
Where were you?by |Veronica|
×Alot of Mistakes!× PS. I made this such a long time ago so sorry for all the mistakes and the parts that make absolutely no sense. #32 in babys- May 22nd, 2018 #22 in b...
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Baby Mendes (S~M) <Completed> by ejcsprm
Baby Mendes (S~M) by e
Gracie finds herself pregnant with a well known celebrity's baby, Shawn Mendes.
  • babys
  • romance
  • happy
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No turning back(NBA young boy) and (Ann Marie) by dallassolomon
No turning back(NBA young boy) Taylor green
Shanae refuses to go through the same exact thing all over and over again!
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Me and my Thug  by Z__Leoo
Me and my Thug by Z._leo
Just read you'll like it 🙃
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Diapering the babysitter by Hey_its_kia
Diapering the babysitterby Kiana Thompson
When her parents announce that they are going on a 3 month business trip for the entire summer, they get a babysitter who is Priya's worst enemy, and the school bully. L...
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Klance-Baby AU- by Beta_Kogane
Klance-Baby AU-by _Beta_Kogane_
Lance wakes up to find a baby Keith in his bed! Keith wakes up to find a baby lance in his bed! pidge is trying to find out what happened and why they found 'them selfs'...
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Papá, Papá y Yo ➸ KookMin by Kookmin1608
Papá, Papá y Yo ➸ KookMinby D➴tsugA
Cuando JungKook aceptó ser el donante de esperma a su mejor amiga YangMi, no esperaba una tragedia que dejara a su recién nacida y su hijo de tres años de edad sin madr...
  • fanfic
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Too far from each other by TinaEmma
Too far from each otherby Tina Emma
Is a fanfiction of the selection series by Kiera cass. Maxon had choosen kriss to be his wife has he regret that? Americas career is going strong, but is she ready to m...
  • maxon
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A class reunion (Kiribaku) by Chicana1122
A class reunion (Kiribaku)by Chicana
This story takes place many years later after all of class 1-A are heros and Dekus is officially the Nr.1 hero. Katsuki Bakugou is the Nr.2 hero and there are rumors in...
  • babys
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Alvin and the Chipmunks: Alvin and Brittany Love Story - Book 3  by DanielJackson109
Alvin and the Chipmunks: Alvin Daniel Jackson
Alvin and Brittany have been parents for about 6 months now and are finally understanding how hard a parents life is but how much fun it can be too. However, since Alvin...
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Having  The Badboys Twins Wattys 2016 by smokia55
Having The Badboys Twins Wattys smokia55
Completed "Blake O'Neill is on his way over here " she squealed "act normal" she said steal squealing" me act normal your just about drawing at...
  • teenfiction
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Baby Packmen by WaterPrincess97
Baby Packmenby The Water Princess
What happens when the Pack and the some of the Sidemen go to America? Well for one, several of them get turned into babies. Let's watch what happens! *No I'm don't hate...
  • miniminter
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Expecting at sixteen by erin_michelleeeee
Expecting at sixteenby erin_michelleeeee
Hannah banks never thought that one night of drunken teenage fun could change her life........when she gets pregnant by her boyfriend Taylor Caniff her life is changed...
  • fanfic
  • babys
  • taylorcaniff
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Yami x Reader Fix My Broken Heart  by demonic_demongirl
Yami x Reader Fix My Broken Heart by Angle of darkness
"yami I love you"(y/n) said crying "I love you to my queen" Yami said and they kissed Is it going to be a good ending or bad Read Star Comment Share...
  • sadness
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Baby's Breath (CHANBAEK) Español by choiraeah1
Baby's Breath (CHANBAEK) Españolby choiraeah1
Baekhyun tiene que lidiar con Chanyeol, su hermanastro, quien tiene discapacidad mental lo que hace que sienta un sinfín de emociones que son cambiantes a lo largo de l...
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"¿Listo Para Jugar Pequeño sumiso?" (Tomarry /Tomrry) by ReinaDeSangreBl
"¿Listo Para Jugar Pequeño PrincesaDeSangre
Harry siempre fue el niño Dorado de James y Lily. Más de una vez sorprendio a su familia. Como cuando el sombrero Seleccionador Dijo "Slytherin" en vez del esp...
  • amo
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A love that lingers (Sequel to 'Secrets') by genevieveblubby
A love that lingers (Sequel to ' The_Mom_Friend
Sequel to 'Secrets' Almost four after the war, Harry lives a quieter life with his husband and son. Though many things have changed, their love stays the same. ---- Cove...
  • weasley
  • harry
  • dracomalfoy
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Armon and Airi together forever by airiandtraay
Armon and Airi together foreverby airiandtraay
READ STORY to find out what is happing!!!!!!!!!!! trey and jass are talking in this one too
  • chrissails
  • queennajia
  • treybills
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Family~ereri (sequel to my monster) by yaoi_writter
Family~ereri (sequel to my monster)by ereri-love
This takes place years from erens and levis first pair of babys, their wedding and their honeymoon. In those years eren had a pair of twin boys. (make sure you read &qu...
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Tengamos un hijo - KookV by tae-cutie
Tengamos un hijo - KookVby Call me Soo
"Sería bonito que formáramos una familia. Una de verdad, con pendejos revoloteando por ahí y, no sé, con el olor de mierda de bebé en la basura." ♥ OMEGAVERSE...
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