Chapter Eight

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"... Jin."

We smiled to each other and I let them in.

"The younger kids are sleeping in our beds and the three oldest except Baekhyun are here in the livingroom."

"Appa!" Kyungsoo jumped up and runned to Suho's arms.

"Heey big boy!" He let go of Chanyeol and lift Kyungsoo up.

"Who are you?" He asked informal.

"Kyungsoo! Ask formally. Go introduce yourself." He let go out Kyungsoo who pouts and bowed to the women.

"Hello my name is Kyungsoo."
"Hello Kyungsoo. I am Jin. Nice to meet you." He smiled and croched to his height.

He smiled and my heart hurts. He was too cute.

"So how did you guys meet?" I asked, sitting next to Chen.

"We met in a restaurant where I work. We have the same kind of humor." Jin smiled.
"And you two?"

"I met him in a coffee company. He was great with my kids, so he became the nanny." Suho smiled to me.

I smiled back and put an arm around Chen.

"Okay, so what's the plan?" I asked. "I think the best is to let the kids sleep and that you will pick them up tomorrow."

"Good plan Lay. Are you okay with that Luhan?"

I turned around to see Luhan in the dooropening. I kind of forgot him.

He nods. "Only question is where we have to sleep."

"We have a Sleepbag in the basement." I said.
"Okay, fine with me."

"That's set. Suho, shall we go? I think the guys wants to sleep? I will bring you home." Jin smiled and stood up.

"Yes. You guys are probably tired. Do you feel better Lay-shi?"

I nod. I dont know how but I didn't vomit. I guess the kids are my healing.

"Then let's go. I see you tomorrow." Suho smiled and we did a bro hug.

Luhan and I walked with them to the frontdoor after Suho said goodbye to Chanyeol, the only awake kid.

"Nice to meet you Jin. I hope things will work." Luhan said.
"Thank you. Nice to meet you two too. Especially you Lay. Suho is very happy with your help." Jin said.

"Aah really." I smiled. "No problem Suho." Suho smiled a little and they left.

"I will go to the basement to grab the sleepbags." Luhan said and left.

I walk to the livingroom. Chanyeol watch tv, while the other two are sleeping against him.

I look at the time and it was almost 9:30 pm.

"Chanyeol, come. It's time to sleep. You need your rest for tomorrow."

"What are we going to do tomorrow?"

I think Suho will be too tired tomorrow. Xiumin went to his family, so he isn't in the city till sunday.

"Whatever you want."

I saw Chanyeol thinking and after a minute he said: "I want to visit puppies."

I frowned. "An animal shelter? I will see what I can do. I don't promise anything." Chanyeol smiled and laid at the couch, like Kyungsoo and Chen.

"I am back." I turned around to see Luhan carrying 2 sleepbags.

"Let's sleep. I'm exhausted."

We prepare ourselves and after a checking round of the kids sleeping, I lay next to Luhan.
"You did a pretty good job today Lu."
"Thanks. You too. Eventhough you were sick. Are you really feeling better?"
"Uhm.. not really. I just didn't vomit, but I feel really miserable."
"Why didn't you tell the truth to Suho?"
"I.. I don't know."
"You're being too nice Lay. Think about yourself too!"
"Yeah yeah. Let's just sleep. Tomorrow a brandnew day."

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