Sequel ✨

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Make sure to read the announcement at the end, it is a little surprise! 💛

"Are you ready?" Luhan said looking at me through the mirror. I nod.

I turned around and Luhan smiled. "I am so happy for you Lay." He hugs me and I chuckle. "Thank you Lu. Thank you for being my best friend all these years." I said.

He let go of me, pats my shoulder and left the room.

I turned around again to face the mirror. I have put a photo of me and my parents under the mirror, like in my bedroom. I smiled.

"Appa... Eomma... I wished you were here. I know you are proud of me. Suho wants to go to China with our honeymoon. So I can visit you again after 3 years. I love you." I said.

I put the photo in the pocket of my suit and walked out of the room.
I walked to the big room where all of it will be. The wedding.

I walked to the door where Suho already waited. You could see he was excited and nervous at the same time. I smiled and squeezed his hand.

Jackson, Mark and their little kid Bambam in the second row. Onew, Key, Minho, Taemin and Jonghyun in the third row. Taemin waved. I smiled and waved back.
Kris was invited as well, he sat in the first row next to the kids.

And then there was the sign the wedding will begin.

Suddenly three persons walked along us to the door.

"Grandmom?" I whispered. My grandmom walks to an empty place helped by Leah who also helped Minhee.

I was a little shocked.. How did grandmom know? Why is she here? Did Minhee and Leah bring her along?

But then music started and everybody stood up.

The song was sang by Baekhyun guided by Chanyeol's guitar. 'Love song.'

'I do believe all the love you give
All of the things you do
Love you, love you
I'll keep you save, don't you worry
I wouldn't leave, wanna keep you near
Cause I feel the same way too
Love you, love you
Want you to know that i'm with you
I will love you and love you and love you
Gonna hold you and hold you and squeeze you
I will please you for all times
I don't wanna lose you and lose you and lose you
Cause I need you I need you I need you
So I want you to be my gentleman
You've got to understand my love'

Suho and I linked arms and walked together to the aisle. Listening to the beautiful voice of Baekhyun as we stood at our position.

'You are beautiful beautiful beautiful
Beautiful beautiful beautiful boy
You are beautiful beautiful beautiful
Beautiful beautiful beautiful boy.'

Everybody applaused for the 11 year old boys as they sit at there place.

(A/n: I don't know how weddings work.. sorry. So here is my version:) )

"Today we are gathered to be a witness of two males certify their love for each other."

"You can say your word to each other."

I nod and Luhan handed me the vase and white flower.

Suho looked at me confused like evey other person except Luhan.

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