Chapter Twenty

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We were in the car, going home again. Kris picked up Suho with a rent car, or his own car he maybe bought in the meantime. So I sat behind the steer with the elder kids. BlackPink 'as if it's your last' was playing and Baekhyun and Chen were singing along.

"Lay appa, Suho appa is calling." Chanyeol, who sat in the frontsit, said.

"Ah, pick up and turn it on Loudspeaker." I said.
He did what he was told to.

"Hey, You are on loudspeaker. I am with the elder kids on our way home." I said turning the music lower.

"Aah, okay. I am not going to eat dinner at home. Appa needs to do something. Be sweet to appa Lay."

"Yes!" The kids yelled.

"Nawh... Okay I will see you tonight. Love you!" And he hung up.

He said I love you to the kids right? Not to me right? No probably not. Those are precious words you want to say at a special moment between you and the other.

"Appa, we forgot to buy new shoes for me." Chanyeol pouts.

"Oh I am sorry. I will buy you if we are going to the mall again okay?"

Chanyeol nods, but looks sad outside.

After 10 minutes we arrived home and the elder kids went to clean their rooms, because the youngers already did.
The others arrived as well and sat on the couch with Luhan. I walked to the kitchen with Xiumin and started preparing dinner.

"Appa?" Kyungsoo's head pops up at the dooropening.
"Hey kyungie." Xiumin patted his head and goes furthur with cutting the onions.

Kyungsoo walked to my feet and rest his head against my thigh.

"Appa~" He whines.

I stopped with cleaning the rice and looked at Kyungsoo.

"What's wrong?" And I dried my hand and lift him up. He immediatley clings to my neck. "Appa... Kai and Chanyeol are so mean.."

"What did they do?"
"They stole my pinguïns and Chanyeol even throw it in the bathtube." He cried.

Aish... Why are they being like this?

I walked out of the kitchen to the livingroom, but they weren't there. So I walked upstairs.

I went to a room where someone was scolding someone....

Baekhyun and Chanyeol's room.

"Why are you guys being like this? He is your younger brother, Chanyeol! And even your hyung Kai! Act like a hyung and act like a sweet younger brother. Be happy you at least have brothers. This is so stupid of you guys!" He scolded his younger brothers.

"I especially didn't expect it from you Chanyeol."

Baekhyun doesn't call him like that. He always use cozy nicknames like Chanyeollie, Yeol or even Yoda.

I opened the door and saw Baekhyun standing in front of the two guys sitting on Chanyeol's bed.

"H-hyung." Kyungsoo said and wiggle him out of my grip.

He walks to Baekhyun and hugged him from the side, since Baekhyun is longer than him.

"Ah Kyungie, don't cry anymore. Come, shall we play with the pinguïns? You haven't introduce the new pinguïns to me. And let's ask Luhan to dry the pinguïn who is in the bathtube. Baekhyun said and hold his hand, send a glance to the guys on the bed and walked out of the room.

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