Chapter Fourteen

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"Okay, first. I will show you my childhood playground." I said, when we stepped off the bus.

I hooked my arm in the arm of Suho. He smiled and we walked to the playground.

"I used to play here right after school." We arrived at the playground. It wasn't big or something. It has two swings, a slide and something to climb in. And at the left, there is a small soccerfield.

"Waah... so many memories... I remember that I fell of the swing once, but I fell at a boy who I didn't know. But later he became a friend. My bestfriend. And later he joined my school."

"Did you had a lot of friends?"

I shook my head. "Nope. Just some friends, but I wasn't either the bully or the nerd. I was the one who was quiet, cute and just learn. How about you?"

"I... I was bullied in elemantery school. But I didn't care." He shrugs.

"Aah.. but that's in the past." I embrace him.

"Let's go. I will let you see my old school."

"If it's boring... tell me. I will make the route shorter." I said.

"Oh no, it's not boring at all! It's nice to see where you grew up." Suho said.

"This is my school. I don't remember a lot actually from my schoollife. Only the fact that I was the cutest kid in class. The girls always pinches my cheeks. It hurts! But they will give me cookies too, so I was okay with it."

Suho laughed. "So if I want something from you, I only have to give you cookies?"

I slap him soft. "Ya.. I am an adult now. I want a meal, if you want something from me."

We laughed and walked furthur.

Walking to my old house. Shall I say the truth? Shall I say everything?

Oh wait.. Does grandmom live there? No way.. she had her own house.

We are outside of my old house. Where my childhood belongs. Where I grew up. Where I have good memories. But also bad memories.

"How old were you, when you left your home?" Suho asked.

"I am not sure... around 18? I don't know actually.."

I pointed to a window.

"That's my room. It was not big. Smaller than my room now. I only invited one friend to my room. It was my bestfriend. The one of the swing. But he... became my lover. Partner? Boyfriend? Call it what you want."

Suho just nods. "We all have ex's."

I turned around and faced Suho.

"I have to tell you one thing. But I am not sure."

"Tell me. I won't be mad." Suho smiled.

"My ex-boyfriend name is... Kris."

And Suho's eyes became wider.

"His Chinese name is Wu Yifan. But he prefer his English name Kris. We know each other since we were kids. We did everything together. We came out together. And we fell for each other. But my grandmom... she ruined everything. We broke up, because I moved to Korea." I said, voice cracking in the middle.

"I-it's okay..." Suho said unsure and hugged me.

"Even if it is Kris... we both have good taste." He said. I chuckled.

"It doens't matter Lay. It is the past. Like my history with Kris. It's in the past. What matters is now, us." He said.

"Thank you Su.. I thought.. you would break up.."

"Of course not silly. But.. your grandmom? May be a stupid question, but you don't want to visit her?"

I shook my head. "I don't want to see her. I don't know if she lives in this house either.. So let's go. I am already hungry." And we walked with silence to a lunchroom not far away.

Was it the right timing? Suho seems upset.. Why did I tell him.. He is so quiet now...

"Lay... it's okay. Don't worry. I am fine and I am just... a little shocked. The world is indeed small..." He said with a half smile.

"Let's tell each other everything. From A to Z. Every little small detail of our lives." I said, walking into the luncheroom.

Suho nods. "Let's begin."

"... so I thought I had special magic powers. People believed me and called me 'healing unicorn'." I said.

Suho burt out laughing.

"Ya! I really had powers! I am just too old for that now. My powers went to someone else who needed it more than me."

"Of course." Suho said still laughing.

"You are mean." I said with a pout.

"Naw, sorry babe." And he gave me a spoon with whipped cream of his ice coffee.

"Let's go. I want to let you see the little store right at the corner. If I couldn't play at the playground for any reason, I went to that small store. The owner was very nice to me. She always gave me candy's or bread."

We walked into the store. And memories hit my head. I walked around. There was everything. From stationary stuff to helpful cookingbooks. Or if you need an umbrella or sunglasses.

"Hello young mans. How can I help you?" A woman asked behind the counter.

"Hi, my name is Zhang Yixing. I used to come here very often. I know the owner of this store. Is Ming Shia here?" I asked in Chinese.

"Aah.. I think I recognise your face..." she stood up and came to me.

"You... aren't you the kid.. that came here when it rains? You used to eat candy's. You always played with me!"

Now it was my turn to look very closely to her face...

"Ming Leah?"

"Omgosh Lay! Waah... You're an adult too! Wow!" She said after recognising me. She hugged me and I hugged her back.

"And who is that handsome man?" She said waving to Suho, who just waved awkwardly back.

"That beautiful handsome cute man is my boyfriend." I said.

"Omgosh I always wanted a gay friend." She said happy.

"Leah! Why are you screaming?" A voice from the back yelled.

"Grandmom! Zhang Yixing is back!" She yelled back.

After a couple of seconds, the grandmom walks fast to see the handsome me.

"Zhang Yixing!" And she hugged me.

"Wah... you are so tall! Oh can you help me fix that lamp over there? You are so tall, and we can't reach that." She said.

I chuckle. "Yes of course. Can we talk for a bit? I want to introduce you to someone special." I said.

I turn around and gave a wink to Suho. Who just blush and looked around.


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