Chapter Eleven

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"Enjoy your stay."

And we were left in a room. A room with only 1 bed. How cliché.

"So we have no other option." Suho said and spring at the bed.

"By the way, who is going to babysit the kids?"

"Xiumin and Luhan." He said with close eyes.

I laid next to him. "So what are we going to so tomorrow?"

"Do you want to go to the cemetery?"

I nod. "But not tomorrow. Too early. I guess."

"That's fine with me. Let's go to the mall." And he stood up. "Gonna prepare to sleep." And he left to the bathroom.

What does my parents know? Am I so stupid? It wasn't a normal dream. I haven't dream about my parents in years. And right after I find out both of my parents are dead, they are showing up in a dream.

I stood up and walked to the frontdoor where my luggage is.

And I walked along the open bathroom with half naked Suho.

I grabbed my clothes from my luggage.

Like as Suho, I prepared to sleep.

"How long has it been for you? Last time in China?" Suho asked me laying next to me in the bed.

"My birthday last year."

"Is chinese hard? I want to learn."

"It's hard, but I can help you. Let's sleep." And I closed my eyes. But I couldn't sleep.

The next day Suho woke up first and didn't do anything till I woke up.

"How late is it?" I asked with a yawn.
"Almost 11 am. Also goodmorning."

"Goodmorning happy face."

"Happy?" Suho looked at me with a b*tch please face. "I woke up by a dog screaming for food, no, not happy at all."

He stood up and walked to the bathroom. I don't know why, but I felt guilty.

I stood up and walked to the bathroom. He was facing the mirror.

I stood behind him and hugged him from behind. With my head resting on his shoulder.

"Mianhaee~~" I said cute.

Suho turned red. "W-why?"

"I don't know. Felt the urge to do this." I laughed, but didn't let him go.

"Here, your toothbrush. Clean yourself. Shall we go to the mall at 12?"

I nod and took the toothbrush from his hand and let him go.

"Wow it's so big!"

Suho is amazed, which is understandable. It is big.

We were standing in the shoppingmall. "Lay let's go there!" And he pulled me with him into a clothes store.

"Lay, this would be beautiful on you!" And he gives me a blue t-shirt and a white t-shirt with three stripes.

It was pretty. "Come let's fit." I said and walked to the fittingrooms.


I was already done and I will buy the t-shirts.

Suho came out and looked... beautiful. He had a blouse with a coat on.

"Wow... Yes! I-i mean, it looks pretty." I said with a smile.

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