Chapter Eighteen

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Right in front of us.

Suho and I.

Why isn't he surprised that Suho is with me?

"L-lay." Suho said staring at the same man as I do.

Kris slowly approaches us.
He stood now very close at us. But neither of us spoke a word.

Suho looked at me and Kris. He didn't know what to do. And neither do I.

"Suho.. Lay.." Kris said.

I expected questions like 'how do you know each other?' Or 'how was china' but then sarcastic. I expected a mad Kris.

But then...

"Let's go. Xiumin is waiting in the car and the kids at your house." Kris said grabbing our luggage and walking away.


He said 'your house' to Suho.
It wasn't his home anymore.

I grabbed Suho's hand and walked to the direction of Kris.

Suho didn't say a word. He was shooked. He didn't expect him, nor me.

We sat in the car. It was Suho's car. Or Kris?

It was an awkward silence. Suho didn't want to sit in the front and forced me to sit in the front.

I look behind and Suho has fallen in sleep.

"Yixing." Kris suddenly said.

I looked back to Kris. He concentrates at the road.

"Long time no see." He said in Chinese.
"Yeah.." I said.
"Yixing, we...  Straight to the point, I missed you. But I moved on, because I thought you did that as well."

Yeah I moved on. After weeks crying.

"But you need to know, I went to look for you here in Korea. But I didn't find you. Instead... I met Suho. You know the rest of the story."

"I don't understand two things. Why did you look for me in Korea? And what did you do after Sehun's birthday? You disappeard!"

"I loved you! Of course I wouldn't give up on you. Even with my parents and your grandmom. I didn't want to give up. But I totally understand your decision for leaving China. You needed to study. Not that you are using it though."

"How do you know??"

"I have my ways."


He went to Luhan. But he doesn't know Luhan.

"I had problems. I needed to leave the house. Now I solved everything and went back to home. Only to find two man babysitting my kids and telling me Suho went with another man to China for two weeks."

"You had to say something to Suho before you left." I mumbles.

"I know, but I couldn't. You won't understand it. Now, wake up Suho. We arrived." And he got out of the car.

I looked behind again and Suho was still sleeping. I got out of the car and Kris took the luggage out of the car.

"Suho.. wake up." I whispers and shake him soft.

"Hm..?" Suho woke up.
"Are we home?" I nod.

I helped him to get out of the car and we walked to the frontdoor.

"Welcome back appa's"

I chuckles at the cuteness.

Kris unlocked the door and we walked to the livingroom.

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