Chapter Nineteen

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What do you guys think of pregant males in this fanfiction?

{EDIT: There won't be pregnant males in this fanfiction, because of the storyline. But thank you for your thoughts! And don't forget these children are adopted, so they are not blood relatives}


I was shocked and quickly sit straight on bed.

"Appaaa~!" Sehun tries to clim on the bed, and with help from Chen he got on my lap.

"Appa, why are you laying with Suho-appa?"

Before I could answer Chen said: "They did some business. We are too young to do that and we are innocent."

I looked shocked to the 8 year old kid. "Ya! We didn't! Ya, why, how, what??"

"Ya, quiet. You guys are too noisy." Suho woke up and sit next to me.
"Ya Sehun, why do I not get a morning hug?" Suho pouts.

"Because you have me." Baekhyun pops next to Suho and does an aegyo face.

Suho opens his arms and Baekhyun falls on him.

"Goodmorning gentlemen. Come downstairs, breakfast is ready. Sehun come, you need to wear some pants!" Xiumin walks in the room and lift up Sehun.

Chen runs after them and we were left alone with Baekhyun.

"Baekhyunnie, what happened with Chanyeol?" I asked, standing up.

"I don't know. He ignores me all the time. So I just play with the youngers." Baekhyun said with innocent eyes.

I could tell he is sad because of their friendship.

Suho told me in China that Chanyeol and Baekhyun are from the same orphanage. They were always together, does everything together and loves each other like real brothers. Eventhough they are from two different mothers.

"Come, I bet uncle Xiumin made something delicious." Suho said and let go of Baekhyun who runs to me and grabbed my hand.

"Come dad, you are so slow." He said dramatically. He stuck out his tongue to Suho and pulled me out of the room.

"Ya Baekhyun!" Suho yelled and I could hear a laugh.

We walked down to the livingroom where all the kids were sitting.

I took place between Kai and Tao. "Appa, look I made a smiley." And he showed me his plate where he made a smiley face of a banana and strawberries.
"Oh so creative Kai-shi." I ruffled his hair and he ate the banana.

"Appa, what are we going to do today?" Kyungsoo asked while preparing a sandwich for Kai.

"Shall we go to the mall? You guys need some new clothes since Spring already began." Suho said, who pops up behind Chanyeol and gave him a hug.

"Appa, I need some new shoes. There is a hole in it." Chanyeol said.

"Okay let's buy that later, okay?" Suho ruffle his hair and sits besides Xiumin at the other side of the table.

"Let's lunch at a kidscafé. So the kids can play and you can tell us about the chinese journey." Xiumin suggest.
And we all agreed.

"Yeaah!" The kids cheered.

"Luhan is at his work. He will come to us after work." Xiumin said after reading his textmessage.

We finished our breakfast and the kids prepared to go to the mall while Suho and I (afruimen) the table.

We were in the car's and the kids were singing to wanna one's energetic.
Suho and I are in the car with Sehun, Kai and Chanyeol, while Xiumin is in the other car with Baekhyun, Chen, Tao and Kyungsoo.

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