Chapter Five

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"We are home!" Suho and Kai yelled.

They came in the living room. Everybody rushed to them to see if Kai was okay. Although, Kyungsoo pushed everybody aside and stood in front of little Kai.

"Are you okay? Who hurt you? Do you want something to eat? Let me hug you." He rumbles and pulled Kai into a hug without pressing on his arm.

"Thank you hyung." Kai smiled.

Suho walked to me and Xiumin who sat on the couch. "Everything is fine. He just broke his wrist." He said sitting down next to me.

"How are the others?"
"Nothing special, the kids were just concerned and playing." Xiumin respons.

"Okay, well I think I will go now." I said, standing up. "Or do you need me?"

"No, you may go. I will text you later." He stood up and walked to the door.
"Bye kids!" I waved and they waved back. Including Tao, which was a surprise.

"Oh I forgot to say. We are going to hold a barbeque next weekend. Do you want to come? Not to babysit, but just for the fun. You can bring a friend if you want." Suho asked.

"Ah that sounds fun. I will text you if I can come. See you later!" I waved and walked to home.

"Luhanniee~! I'm home!" I yelled. I walked to our livingroom. Luhan slept at the couch. I looked at the clock.

6:27 pm

I walked to the kitchen and grabbed a cup. I filled it with water and walked back to Luhan.


And I trow the water on Luhan.

"YA!!" He screams and jumped up.
"You're gonna get payback, you know that?" He said angry.

"Sure, that lovely not manly face will pay back, nice joke honey." I laughed and walked to my room.

"So how is it with the kim family?" He asked following me and laid on my bed. Also ignoring my last comment.

"One kid broke his wrist, other kid went to his wushu lesson, we bought bubbletea and ice cream and I think that I'm deaf." I said. Thinking of my ear after the scream from Sehun.

I remove my clothes and grabbed comfy clothes.
I have changed my clothes often in front of Luhan. We are close, so it's okay.

"Sounds like a tiring day. Well, have you eaten? Probably not. I will cook tonight." He said and walked to the door.

"Oh before I forget, have you any plans next weekend?"

He stops and shakes his head.

"Next weekend, barbeque, Suho's place. Oh and one more thing." I pulled out my phone and text Jackson's number to Luhan, who's phone made a recieving sound.
"That's your friend Jackson's number."

"Oh wow I haven't seen him in like how many months? Thanks man!" He smiles and walked out of my room.

I laid on my bed and closed my eyes.
Just 5 minutes....

"Lay appaa~"
"Not now... Let appa sleep." I respons.
"Lay appa... Let's eat.."
"Aniyo... appa wants to sleep."
"Appa.. Wake up."
"Lay, dude wake up."

I open my eyes seeing Luhan trying to hold his laugh. "Appa?"

He burst out and I slap him with my pillow. "Not cool dude, not cool."

"Naw you were so cute! Well let's go, dinner is ready and almost cold." He said and pulled me of the bed.

"What did you make?" I asked walking through the hallway.
"Just spicy ramyeon."

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