Chapter Twelve

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Ot12 forever in our hearts

"Thank you for your visit, have a nice evening." And the waitress let us out of the restaurant. Suho tried to say 'thank you' in Chinese, but I stopped him right in time. Not gonna let him embarres himself. Nor me.

"How late is it?" Suho asked. I grabbed my phone. "Oh, Luhan called me. Oh it's almost 10."

"Do you want to do something or wanna go back to the hotel?"

"Shall we just walk around?"

Suho nods and he hooks his arm with mine. I just stare it for a moment and decided to not say anything about it.

We walked through some streets, while Suho keeps asking questions Like: "Do Chinese people really eat dog?" Or "How can Chinese people read those things?". Or asking for a translation like :" what does that sign means?" Or "What does she say?"

I don't mind though, he must be really curious.

"Lay, have I told you anything about Kris? I didnt, right?"

I just nod. Pulling him with me into a cute store with stuffed animals.

"Well..." Suho started. "He is.. Chinese."

I stopped, so Suho bumped into my back. I turned around and Suho looked at me confused. "Kris is Chinese?"

He nods. "I am scared. What if he moved here? What if I meet him?" He said almost crying.

"Suho, don't worry. China is big. There is a 1% chance to meet him here. And you are not sure if he even moved to China. Don't worry." I said with a warm smile.

"Yeah, you are right."

We walked out from the store after buying a stuffed panda. For Tao of course.

"Suho... Can I ask you something?" I asked.

"How did you and Kris meet?"

"Aah.. that's 8 years ago? May be 9. I was at the airport. I had to pick up Xiumin. He went to Japan. But his flight was delayed, so I sat at one of those benches and Kris too. We randomly talked to each other and after that we dated for 2 years? Something like that. We married and got our first two children one year later. Baekhyun and Chanyeol."

"Aah.. wait, How about Chen?"

"Oh we got him after the two. But he is older than Chanyeol."

We already arrived at our hotel. "And we got more and more kids, till we thought, Sehun is the last one." Suho said with a smile.

I smiled back and pressed on the button for the elevator.

"You know, Kris was actually a really nice husband. He helps me.. I mean, he helped me with the kids, the laundry or making food. On days when I wasn't home, he took care of the kids who weren't going to school yet." He said and we entered the elevator.

"But now... I get help from my two amazing friends." He said.

"Suho, don't cry." And I wiped a tear from his eye.

"Listen, You are doing an amazing job with the kids."

"Don't say things that aren't true. Nobody greeted me today with that videochat."

"That was because of Sehun. He got the first word. But you know they love you. How can't they? You give them food, toy's and the important thing from all: Love. They love you for who you are. If you make a mistake, they forgive you." I said and hugged him. And we stayed like that, till we had to go out of the elevator.

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