Chapter Thirteen

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"Two sandwiches and one ice tea and one cup of coffee." The waitress said and gave us our order.

"So... what exactly are we now? Are we together like.. boyfriends?" I asked.

"Do you want to be my boyfriend?" He asked with a little laugh.

"I wouldn't asking it if I didn't want it.." I said looking down at my sandwich.

"Really?" Suho said shooked. I could tell he didn't expect my answer.

"Yes really. I want to try it. Why wouldn't I want to be with the man I like." I said with a shy smile looking at Suho.

"Okay let's eat before we begin with the cheesiness." He said with a laugh.

"You know we will fly back in two days." Suho said. While sitting in one of the chairs in the hotelroom.

"Yeah..." I said while getting up of the bed. "I want to be your guide tomorrow. I will let you see some special places of my childhood."

"Aah okay." He said with a smile.

"Lay.. can I ask you a question?"

"Yes of course." And I sit next to him in the other chair.

"You.. you never told me about your childhood. Or your life. All I know is that you didn't like your study and then worked at that coffee company."

"Yeah.. It's complicated. But I will tell you tomorrow. Let's call the kids."

"Appa, when are you gonna be back~~!!" Sehun sobbed.

"It's okay Sehunnie, Appa's will be back in two days." Suho said with two fingers.

"Appa, you know that girl in my class? Taeyeon? She kissed me on my cheek!" Baekhyun said with sparkles in his eyes. "Go away." And Baekhyun was pushed away by Chanyeol.

"Appa, I hate school." He yelled and he ran away.

"Xiumin, what's wrong with Chanyeol?"

"I guess... he is jealous?" He said confused.

"Jealous because a girl kiss Baekhyun instead of him? Woah..." Luhan said shooked.

"Ya, where are the other kids?" Suho asked.

"They are upstairs. Oh, Kai-ah Appa's are here!"

"Where, where where???" He ran to the camera with his little feet.

"Appaaaaaa~" he yelled really cute. "I can count to 10 in English. Listen. One... two... three..." he began with his fingers.

"Four... five.. seven... eight... six... nine... and... chen."

Suho and I began to laugh and Kai didn't get why.

"Cutie, it's five, six, seven and then eight. Also, it's ten, not Chen."


"There is a kid at their school named Ten." Luhan explained.

"Aw, very good Kai-shi. Go play." I said.

"Lay-appa, Yesterday Luhan was attacked and Xiu-"

"Okay, Kyungsoo made you food, go to him." Xiumin cutted him off.

Kai looked confused and but walked happy away.

"Xiumin... what happened?" Suho said calm.

"It's nothing. I was attacked on street, but Xiumin was there. I was on my way to Xiumin and the kids from home. It felt like someone followed me and that someone attacked me near the house." Luhan said.

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