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Thank you all for the 1oK (and already 11.5 when I upload this)! So here is a special chapter!  It is almost my birthday (9 feb) so this feel like a early birthday present :p

6 months before the wedding

"Good morning, Luhan," I said while stretching. Luhan turned around and smiled. "Good morning Yixingiee~" he walked to me, leaving the pancakes on the stove, and hugged me.

"Wow, since when are you clingy in the morning?" I chuckled while hugging back. "I always have been. But I only hug my cute baozi." I chuckled and let him go. "Don't forget the pancakes."

Luhan immediately turned around and ran to the pancakes. I grabbed something to drink for me and Luhan and put it on the table. "So.. What are you going to do today?" Luhan asked. I shrugged. "I don't have to work today, Suho is at work, kids are at school, so I have time for my bestie~!"

"Well, I appreciate being on your list, even though I am number 3... Anyway, Xiumin has to work today, so I also have time for my bestie~" He said in the same way I did and gave me a back-hug.

Right at that moment, my phone rang.

I let go of Luhan and picked up my phone right after I sat on the chair at the dinner table.

"Good morning, babe."
"Good morning, sweetheart. Did you sleep well?"
"Yes, I did. Dreaming of you~"

I was about to answer 'cringe', but Chen and Baekhyun were one step before me. "Dad stop!"
I chuckled. Luhan looked at me and mouthed "Pancake?" I nodded to him and focused on my phone call with Suho.

"Baekhyun and Chen, go put on your shoes! Lay? Yeah hi, sorry about that. Anyway, be prepared for our date tonight."


"Date?" I asked confused. "Yeah, our date? We talked about this last weekend? You remember..?"

"Sorry, I really don't remember..?" I said still confused. I looked at Luhan, who had wide eyes.
"Don't tell me you forgot..."
"What did I forget?" I said. Suddenly Luhan ran out of the kitchen and came back in a second with a paper and a marker.

"Oh my god... I can't believe this!" Suho said offended. "Babe, don't be mad! I am sorry I forgot something that I don't even remember!" Wauw, that was the best apology.

"I honestly thought you would remember..." Suho said sadly. ".. Kai don't hit Kyungsoo with your shoe!"

"Lay it is our..."

And right at that moment, Luhan held the white paper so I could see it.

Your 3 year anniversary.

I widen my eyes. "...anniversary"

"You stupid." Luhan facepalmed.
"I-I am so sorry Suho!" I exclaimed, panicking a little. "Let me make up for you tonight! I will prepare the date!"
"No!" Suho suddenly yelled. "Just... I pick you up at 6." And Suho hung up.

"How could I forget such a thing!" I said. I rest my head on my arms facing the table.
"It is okay, Lay... Everybody can forget something." Luhan said rubbing my back. "But you are so stupid to forget your anniversary." He said hitting my head and gave me my pancake.

"Auw!" I pout. He rolled his eyes and sat in front me, watching how I eat my pancake.

"Okay here is the plan. We are going to the mall and shop till we drop for a new sexy outfit. Then we go home, we prepare you for your date, so he will forget that you forgot the anniversary and you both will make up in bed."

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