Chapter Three

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We laid side by side. I pulled the sleeves up, because it was cold.

"Lay... Where did daddy Kris go? Why did he leave us?"

My heart broke. These small innocent young kids and their dad were left behind by a man with, till now, no reason.

"I don't know kiddo. But don't think about it. If you can, help your dad Suho more often. You're the oldest. You're already so big! Take care of your dongsaengs." I said.

He nods and moves his tiny body so he was clinging at my arm.

"Thank you for being at our side." I turned to face him and that his face were facing my chest.
"Your welcome and I will stay for a long long time." And I hugged him.


When I woke up, I could feel a lot of weight on my body. I looked at my right where Baekhyun slept, but in the arms of Chanyeol.

At my left, Kyungsoo who was clinging his whole body at my arm. And I looked at my feet where 3 other boys were laying. And one small kid at my pillow with his hand on my forehead. Probably Sehun.

I smiled. These kids are too cute for words.
At that moment someone was knocking on the door and opened a little too hard and Suho stood there with wide eyes.

"Lay! Where are-" he stopped when he noticed all his kids were laying on me.

"I think you found them." I whispered to him, so I won't wake up the kids.

Suho walked to me and took Sehun of my head and Kyungsoo from my arm. But before he did that, he took a photo of Chanyeol and Baekhyun.

Because how they laid was too cute for words.

Sehun slept furthur at Suho's shoulder and Kyungsoo was holding Suho's hand while rubbing in his eyes.

I sit on the bed, still with 3 kids left at my feet.

"How did they get here?!" Suho asked silently. "I don't know. But Baekhyun already slept here. Not sure about the others."

I pulled Kai closer so I held him under my arm. "Appa?"

I lauged. Tao woke up and so does Chen. Tao stood up and walked to Suho with hands up. "Appa... Appa.." he whines.
Suho let go of Kyungsoo's hand and lifted Tao up, who slept immediatley on his shoulder.

"I will bring these two to their bed again." And he walked away.

"Appa... I am hungry." Chen said.
"Let's eat." I responded.

Kai was fully awake now and Chanyeol woke up.

"Baekhyunnie.." I said while I shake him soft. He opened his eyes, but doesn't move.

"Did you sleep well?" Chanyeol asked and Baekhyun nods.

Okay these two are too cute with each other. Is it weird to ship them?

"Let's eat."

The kids were eating their bread while I helped Kai with his bread. I don't know how, but his bread was wet and in a shape it shouldn't be.

"What are we going to do today?" Chen asked.

"I don't know, but let's clean the table first. Come!"

I knocked on Suho's door.

I already know this house since there are boards on the door from what it was, also after the introducing to the house.

"Come in." I opened the door and Suho was sitting behind his desk.

"What's wrong?"
"Nothing, just want to ask what today's planning is."

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