Chapter Twenty-Three - Last Chapter

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I spended the whole day with Suho having a disney marathon at the couch with a blanket.

"How late is it?" I asked. "Almost 3. Who is going to get the kids?" I stood up letting the blanket fall from out bodies. "Xiumin and Luhan. Come, let's clean up and walk to the bubbletea store. I promised two big boys bubbletea." I chuckle by the thought of how cute Sehun was.

Suho and I went to the bubbletea store. "Shall we get some bubbletea for the others too?" I asked reaching for my wallet. "Yeah, that would be nice of us. Wait, you are not going to pay." And he took my wallet out of my hands.

"Why not? You have paid alot." I tried to take my wallet back. "I am the man in the relationship. I pay." He grins.
"We are not going to have this discussion again." I sigh.

"Can I help you gentleman?" I turned to the male. "Yes, can I have... 8 strawberry bubbletea with lychee bubbles. And 3 orange bubbletea with tapioca." I ordered. The male widen his eyes since I ordered 11 bubbleteas in one time, but I shuggred and turned to Suho to get my wallet back.

"Here is my card." Suho smiled and gave his black card to the male.
"Ya! I was going to pay." I pouts. "Next time sweetheart." He smiled and hugged from the side as he puts my wallet in my pocket. "Cringe."

After waiting 15 minutes, we got the drinks and walked back home. Suho held my hand. "When do you have to work again?" He asked. "Wednesday and this whole weekend. Why?"

"Let's go on a date friday." He suddenly said.

I looked at him. "A real date." He said. "We haven't been on a first date yet. We went to China for you and we weren't together back then. Okay, we lunched and had dinner together, but I mean an official date. A date where I ask you." He stopped in front of the house. "So Yixing, do you want to go on a date with me?" He cutely smiled.
"Aah you are the man in our relationship to ask me for the first date." I was flustered. "Yes I do." I smiled. "But I will ask you to marry me."

"We will see then." He laughs and we walked into the house, where the kids already were.

"Appa!" Sehun yelled and ran to Suho, who lifted him up. "How was school kiddo?" Suho asked and walked to the couch. Sehun told about the meeting with other kids and how he ate everything. "Appa, I made new friends. Ilhoon, Dongho, Minzy, Jiyong and Seugri."

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"I am happy for you kid. Here is your bubbletea." I gave him his bubble tea and handed the other bubbleteas to the other kids and Luhan and Xiumin.

"So is this outfit okay?" I asked looking at Luhan through the window.
"Lay, This is the fourth time you ask me about your outfit. It is fine, no wait you will change again. Oh my It is the best outfit in your entire wardrobe!" He said.

"I hate you." I whisper. "No, you love me." Luhan stood up and hugged me from behind. "I am happy for you to go on a date with Suho. But remember, home at max 2 am, or if you are going to sleep at Suho text me first, so I let Xiumin know he can't go home."

Xiumin is going to hang out with Luhan, because the kids are going to sleep at their own friends

"Okay I got it. Eomma." He slaps me at my back. "Bad kid." He chuckles and walked out of my room.

I looked at the photoframes under my mirror. One photo of me with my parents and one photo of me with Suho in China. I smiled. Three important people in my life.

I walked out of my room to the livingroom, because Luhan called me.

"-will be here in a minute." I heard Luhan saying. I faked a cough and they turned to me.

"Wow babe." I chuckles. "You look beautiful too babe." I said and kissed him. "Oh guys no cheesiness and kisses in front of my salad." Luhan pushed us out of the house. I laugh and waved to Luhan. "Remember, 2 AM or a text!"

After a romantic dinner, Suho wanted to walk through a park. "I remember sitting here with a few kids waiting for Xiumin to come home, since I forgot the key." Suho said. That was right, he said that in the begin.

"Lay, do you see a future in us?" Suho asked playing with my hand. I kicked a stone on the ground. "Of course. But honestly... I don't see kids in our future. Don't take me wrong, but I like your 7 kids. I already feel like a father for your kids."

"It is okay Lay, I don't want more kids too. 7 is enough." Suho smiled and pulled me to a nearby bench. "I am already happy. Again." He whispered the last word.

I tilt his chin to me, so he looked to me in the eyes. "I will do my best to make you happy whenever you breath. I will make every memory of your life a beautiful memory." I smiled. "I am so cheesy, aren't I?"

He laughs and lays his head in my neck. "You know.. I love your cheesiness. Your smile with your dimples. Your love for the kids. Everything." He said. I hugged him from the side. "I love you too."

Suho tilt his head up and looked at me. And right when he wanted to text me...

Someone called Suho... "aish.." Suho almost cursed and took his phone out of his pocket. But his face softend when he picked up. "Appa~!" Sehun yelled since I could here it. I chuckle. "Appa! How are you?"
I laugh. Sehun seriously only called to ask how Suho was? What a sweatheart.

"Sehun-ah, I am fine thank you. Appa is busy now. Appa is going too see you tomorrow okay? Say hi from me to Uncle Onew and uncle Key."

"Okay appa, I love you." Sehun said. "How much?" Suho asked. "This much." Sehun voice faded a little, I think because he made a heart with his arms letting the phone fall.

"Haha okay Sehunnie, bye!" And they hung up.

"So where were we?" Suho sigh. I stood up and reached out my hand. "Come, let's go home."

Suho pouts, but took my hand. I pulled him up and gave him a peck on his lips.

Suho blushed heavily. "I love you." I said looking deep in his eyes.

"I love you too, you cringe kid." Suho laughs.

And that is how Suho and Lay met.

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