Chapter Four

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"One espresso please. The name is Heechul." The customer said.

"Okay sir, ready in two minutes."
I handled the orders fast.

"Lay-shi, you're done for today." My chef said. I bowed and walked out of the café after saying goodbye.

I looked at my phone for the time. 11:34 am.

I walked to the kindergarden, which was a few blocks away, where Sehun was and picked him up.

"So, what did you do today buddy?" And he told me full of brightness about his day.

We stood in front of the school where the boys sit.

"Ah there they are!" Sehun said pointing to the boys walking our direction.

When they stood st my side, they showed me a lot of things. Kai's first drawing, Chen/Baek and Chanyeol's nice grades, Tao selfmade panda mask and Kyungsoo's art of fingerpainting.

"Let's go." On our way they talked about their classmates.

"There is a pretty girl in our class." Baekhyun said. "Her name is Taeyeon."

"Ah baekkie.. Do you like her?" I said teasing him. "Aniyo..." he said blushing.

"No he isn't. She isn't pretty at all." Chanyeol said and walked faster.

At home the older kids made their homework, while the youngers played in their room. I helped the older kids with their homework. When we were done Chen said: "Thank you Lay. Dad doesn't help us often, because he is always busy."

"Ah no problem, Go watch tv or something." I said.

I walked upstairs to see the youngers.

Sehun and Kai played with their cars and Kyungsoo with Tao are orderning their pinguïns and panda's together.

Becore I want to walk downstairs, I heard a scream from a room.


Even though I'm not their father, I respons and hurry to the room. Kai was crying and Sehun hugged him.

"What happened?" I asked while lifting Kai up. "Car... nose...auw.." he cried.

"Ah kai-shi.. Sehun come." I said and walked out of the room and waited for the little steps of Sehun. I took his hands and walked downstairs.

I sat on the couch with Kai on my lap. His legs around my waist, so he was facing me.

"Does it hurt?" I asked, touching his nose. He nods.

Sehun sat quietly next to me. "Sorry hyung..." He whispered.

"It's okay." Kai said cutely.
"Come, watch tv." I said and turned Kai around, so he was laying on my chest with his back.
I don't think his nose broke or something.

Later the day we had a little snacktime and played outside. When we were in the house again, we cleaned their rooms.

We sat on the couch again, while Baekhyun searched for a good movie with Chen.

Chanyeol pouting at the other side of the room.

"Uncle Xiumin is home!!" Xiumin yelled. Chen immediatley stood up to greet him and I heard some fast footsteps from the stairs. Kai, who was laying again on my chest, stood up and rushed to see Xiumin.

Xiumin walked in with Kai and Tao in his hands and Chen and Kyungsoo next to him staring at Xiumin.

"Hey!" He said with a wide smile.

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