Chapter One

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Exo as kids are in this story all adopted.

"Can I have a large Americano?" The customer asked. "Of course. What's your name sir?"

I prepared the Americano and my colleque took the other orders. "One americano for Suho?" The man came with his eyes focused on his phone. "Happy new year and have a nice day." He nods and walked away.

The day was done and I was on my way home. I shared an appartment with my friend Luhan.

"Yo, I'm home." I dropped my bag in the hallway and went to the living room. Luhan was laying on the couch with a bowl popcorn. "Hey, wanna watch a movie?"

I nod. "Let me change first." I walked to my room and changed into comfortable clothes. I looked at the mirror. Under my mirror was a little photo of me and my family in China. I smiled.

~ few weeks later ~

"Can I have a latte macchiato?"
"Two americano's please."
"Can i have a Caramel macchiato?"

Today was a busy day at the store. My shift was until closing time. It will be a long day.

Although.. nope. It was really calm at the end of the day. I cleaned the table's, the counters and filled the empth box with straws.

"Hello, can I still order?" A male asked behind me, while I was cleaning one of the table's.

"Of course sir. What do you want to order?" I turned around and saw a male with 3 kids. He looks really tired.

"Can I have a black coffee and do you have milk?"

I frowned. "Uhm... Yes, but I don't have like milk for children."

He sighed and one of the kids started to cry. It was the only one who was standing next to the male. The customer sits down and sighed again.

I squinted down. "Hey little friend, what's wrong? Do you want to drink something?" He looked at me with his big eyes. "Do you want something to drink? Like daddy?" I asked again. His eyes became wattery again.

"Daddy left us."

First, I frowned. "Daddy is right here?" I pointed to the male customer. The little kid shooked his head. "Daddy Kris.." and he started to cry again.

"Can you just make the coffee? I cannot handle more crying babies." The male said, may be a little to harsh. And the other two started to cry. The customer sigh.

I looked around me. No customers. I picked the kid up. "Don't cry. Dad will be there for you." I said. And the kid clinged at me. I looked at the customer who tried to silenced the other kids. I put the kid I was holding on his lap and took the two other kids. "Why are you crying? Huh? Don't make those beautiful faces sad. Do you want to have a milkshake?" They nodded and stopped with crying.

"Thank you." I heard.
I looked down at the customer.
"Your welcome. Anything for the customers."

I put the two other kids to their sits and walked to the counter. I made 3 milkshakes and a large cup of black coffee.
I walked with the plate to the customer. "There you go. 3 milkshakes and a large black coffee. I will close the store in 15 minutes, but please sit comfortable. You need rest." I said.

He looks tired. "Thank you, otherwise I had to sit in the park because I forgot my keys. And my friend isn't home yet with the other kids." Huh.. his friend?

"Just a normal friend. He helps me with the other kids."

"How many kids do you have?"


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