» Chapter Eleven.

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» Chapter Eleven.
   » Armour Giant.
   » Meliodas POV.

“I wonder what caused the ground to shake like that.” [Nickname] thought aloud. I merely shrugged, my eyes narrowing in the direction I gained suspicion from. This seemed to catch Diane's attention though.

“What's wrong, Captain?” She asked sweetly but curiously. Her eyes sparkling with the same emotion. At this point, everyone had rushed outside.

“Nothing. Me, Ban and King will go check it out. You ladies stay here and watch the Tavern in case whatever caused that comes here.” I say calmly but in my normal ordering tone. Everyone nodded except from the [Hair/c] haired girl I had grown to love, who glared at me in a way to say ‘Don't die on me or I'll kick your ass’ kind of matter. I simply smiled at her before racing off with the two males I called earlier.

Sorry to interrupt your reading of this trash but at this point I can't really remember what happens (its been a month+ since I've seen it and KissAnime is being a bitch) so I'm winging it.~
Hope you enjoy though. XD

After a while we stumbled across what looked like a mass-murder site. Soldiers bodies covered the clearing like it was the floor!

“What barbaric creature would do this?” I heard King mutter -probably accidentally aloud- as he stood, Chastiefol tucked under his arm. Ban gave a glance to me, me nodding at him. We proceeded to snatch up a long-sword and shield for me whilst Ban just picked out for defence, already having his weapon. I managed to catch an audible sigh from King before we raced forward once again.

We continued forward; seeing familiar royal purple armour decorated with various sized, deep purple spikes. It yelled out a mighty roar as all of us shouted in unison.


“Back away! The Dawn Roar has this covered, as orders from Sir Helbram himself!” A bulky man exclaimed walking towards us. Even though a thick, studded metal covered his face -along with his hands and feet- you could still see the overconfidence that his yellow-ish, golden hues had, he was probably the leader of the group. He took his leave, however, when another roar was cued.

As he was about to signal the attack, the three of us lept between them.

“We will not allow harm to Gowther!” I said loudly, glaring at them. Pivoting to set my feet into a fight stance.

“If you do not allow us the Dawn Roar to take the head of the Armour Giant the we will dispose of you too!” A lady in a red blouse and white skirt, which bore side slits to move freely, shouted so we would leave-- but we didn't. Instead, we sprinted forwards. All of us heading in different directions. I headed towards the man before and would of landed a hit if his hand didn't expand in size and pin me down.

‘Strong-!!’ My thought was cut off as my head was roughly bashed to the ground. I peered around and spotted that King had been tied up by a silver haired man dressed in red armour, his katana weilded at a black and golden grip which glowed white; much like King's binds, most likely magic (Meliodas is L, calling it now). And Ban was standing on a tall podium-looking rock, searching around like an idiot.

“I'm sorry, but I could not find the adhesive (armor glue).” A green haired male stated calmly yet almost robotically as he stepped towards ‘Gowther’.

However, in that split second. A powered arrow was fired directly at the large mass of armour, a bright light hiding the result. But as it cleared my mouth hung open, the man had caught the arrow! He showed no signs of pain as it sat between his fingers and he continued speaking.

“I am the Gowther, the Goat's Sin of Lust.” He concludes. His hair moves gently, fading to pink as he slides his glasses up his nose. The man behind me gapes in disbelief, continuing to deny it.

Our conversation was chopped off by another yell from the Armour Giant. When the Dawn Roar goes to attack again, Gowther flings his arm up, the head coming clean off and landing on his opposite, open palm.

“Here, take it. I wish not for any physical attacks to occur as we speak.” He says as sincerely as he could. They carefully took the head and left without another word.

Once they had disappeared the armour began moving again. Said defence began to break apart before showing a hideous body, four heads protruding from the chest whilst the top was just rounded around with a mouth showing off its decayed, dirty yellow tinted teeth as if they were a prize. Thats when I saw what was in between all four heads-- which bestowed a different element.



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