» Chapter Fifteen.

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» Chapter Fifteen.
   » The Final Battle.
   » Reader POV.

Vivian had been put in her place, rotten bitch. Hope she goes to hell. She was deranged, psycho, and drunk on love for a man who never belonged to her in the first place...

This was it. The moment we were all itching for. Hendrickson, the human who so wrongly used an ash demon's blood to amplify his own strength and magic, will be defeated.

Swords clashed, sparks sent flying along with blood. Magic thrown about the place in furious flurries of colours and power. But it wasn't enough. We just weren't strong enough, he withstood our attacks as if they were mere flicks. It was frightening. He was frightening. So many knights died, left right and centre.

I fought on, everyone was being careful and only struck when the time was right.

“Dark snow.” Hendrickson spoke calmly. It was as if all the death surrounding us was a game to him. Black specks filled the sky above us, an ominous purple glow about them. They fell down, closing in tightly. Soliders dropped dead, it was an instant death if you were touched by them.

“Everyone! Don't touch them, they're poisonous! You'll be killed instantly...” Meliodas warns, which earns him a hiss.

“Do not interfere!” The tainted man orders harshly, with a flick of his wrist we're all sent flying. Bodies role across the ground, both dead and unconscious ones. Even the heavier of the alive ones was forced far back.

I grit my teeth, hurrying onto unsteady appendages. My eyes heat up, blades forming into my pale [skin/c] grip. Their jagged edges glimmered, could such short daggers that hold immense power really be able to finish him off.

“You know, Meliodas... You're such a pest. An annoying fly that I'll severely enjoy swatting away!” His hands push in front of him, “Dark Nebula.” A large orb of dark energy pulsates infront of him. It pushes off from Hendrickson's outstretched hands and rushes forth, directly towards Meliodas. I stagger.

“Meli!” Comes my weak cry.

“Sir Meliodas! Please move!” Elizabeth literally cries, her breathing rapid and tone desperate for the blonde to evade the oncoming attack. It would be fatal.
A direct blow from that sort of mana would be enough to kill anyone... That sadly includes Meliodas. Even with his high status as a demon.


The sound of hooves against hard dirt reaches my dust clogged ears. A pig stood in front of my demon as the magic based attack grew nearer,



“HAWK! What are you doing just stood there?! Move!” Meliodas, from his crippled state, orders. His emeralds held no shine, they were a dull green that lacked a gleam to them. He was serious. Deadly serious.

“I'm sorry Meliodas... I can't do that. I'll take this for you, but we'll meet again. Just you wait! I won't be gone, you don't have to worry. Take care of Elizabeth, and [Name]... Ban and all of the other Seven Deadly Sins! You hear me, you ass? Do me one final request... Put me some scraps out, would ya?” A collision. A scream. A flash.

As white cleared, a charred body lay on the ground. A pig's body. It was unrecognisable, but everyone knew it was our beloved Hawk. There was no feature to his name. All was black. Like a pile of shaped ashes. It didn't blow away. It wasn't a cruel joke, Hawk wasn't okay. And he never will be...

“You... YOU BASTARD!” Ban yelled, tears streaming down his face one after another. A murderous spark in the pained ruby red orbs. Hendrickson smirked.

“You think I'm done, Fox Sin of Greed? You of all people should understand... I want worthy blood on my hands.” The ball of pulsing energy forms again. Diving off to the green-eyed midget once again. Though this time I felt my own legs take me. The wind against my face and in my hair. I jumped.

“[NAME]!” It was a scream. Meliodas' scream. Pain engulfed my body as the  magic made contact with me. I didn't even feel my feet touch the ground as my eyes slowly shut...

 I didn't even feel my feet touch the ground as my eyes slowly shut

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