» Epilogue.

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» Chapter Seventeen.
   » Finale.
   » Third Person POV.

It had been weeks of reconstruction ans mourning. It was hectic, but nothing had gone into absolute chaos.

"Sir Meliodas, a letter for you. It was outside under the mat." Elizabeth chimes, her tone soft towards the drinking man.

"Oh really...?" He mutters, broken, "Who's it from?"

"It doesn't say, however it's addressed to you." She places the letter down onto the wood, next to Meliodas' pint of ale.

"Thank you." He picks it up, finger hooking through the hole of the sealed envelope and tearing it across untidily. The blonde removes the parchment, an orange tiger lily dropping out. It instantly catches his eye and all seven hearts skip a beat. He carefully unfolds the letter and reads the black cursive ink.

"Dear Meliodas,
I hope you're not too upset,
you're such a crybaby.

I'll see you soon, won't I? You see
flower? Come and find

I'll be waiting.


His eyes flood, picking up the delicate flower in a gentle hold.

"I'm coming, [Name]. Wait for me in the Field of Flowers..." His lips press to the bottom petal as he gets from his chair. Meliodas picks up his sword, connecting it around his shoulder and chest before sprinting out.

Petals blew in the breeze, hair softly swiping across his forehead and falling across his emeralds now and again. His gaze landed on a female in a white dress. The golden embellishment matching the scene she was in. Flowers.

"You came," Her voice hushed as she turns around with a rare smile. [Name]'s [hair/c] also flowing around. Her bare feet carries her gracefully towards the silently weeping sin of Wrath, "Just as I knew you would."

The blonde embraces her, her own hands finding his cheeks to caress them.

"I love you, my sweet demon."

"Don't worry, Meli. I love you too."

Lips connect for the first time. Molding together sweetly.

Demons forever, Meliodas.

Demons forever.


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