» Chapter Five

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» Chapter Five.
   » Awkward Clothing and First Job
      Going Wrong!
   » Reader POV.

“Okay, team! We're heading in the direction of Fiklya (Fik-lee-a)! So, once we stop we'll do our normal routine and see if we can get our hands on information concerning the remaining sins; Merlin, Gowther and Escanor. [Name] meet me in the Staff Room.” Meliodas orders happily, brightly smirking, as he stalks off into the room that was behind the bar. The oak door being beside it. I raise an eyebrow yet remain seated as I watch Meliodas seemingly bounce away; his actions further emphasising his child-like features and attitude.

“Better go see what Cap'n wants?~” The smooth voice of Ban chuckles behind me, I turn and raise an eyebrow yet again before standing and following after the long-gone Meliodas.

I enter the room, the door shutting behind me and the area was dimly lit. Filled with confusion I stepped towards the blonde midget. I sigh, gesturing a 'what do you want?' through the action. His arms come from behind him, holding out the revealing garments Elizabeth wears. I tilt my head, indicating to him my confusion.

“This is the Boar Hat's official uniform, you gotta wear it, [Name].” He urges taking what he thought was an unnoticeable step forward. However, with my sharp eyesight this mistake of his caused me to speed out of the room with him close on my tail, “[NAME]!” Meliodas shouts as he struggled to keep up. I leap up and latch myself to King's pillow.

“Oh, King. Fancy seeing you here.” I say as he stares at me with wide eyes.

Meliodas jumps up behind me so I hop off laughing at him. Whilst I continue running, however, I didn't see another cage of arms that was wanting to capture me within its grasps. I bang right into Ban who takes the opportunity to grab me and lift me from the floor.

“BAN! LEMME GO!” I shout as I see Meliodas stalk over triumphantly. I squint my eyes, growling at the amount of confidence I could sense from the green-eyed male.

“[Name], come quietly or do I have to shove you in there myself?” He smirks, a strange glint in his orbs. I growled, glaring slightly before nodding. Ban sets me down and before I could even attempt to make a mad dash for the door, Meliodas grabs my arm and pulled me to the back room, “Change.” He orders simply, leaving the room soon after.

Even though the clothes were extremely comfy, they were highly embarrassing to wear. The pink top was small, causing me once again to be one button looser, however... This was more revealing compared to the other one. The midnight skirt was practically showing off my ass and the black stocking with black and pearl shoes made it all seem a lot more flirty. I shuddered at the thoughts. Swallowing my remaining pride, I stepped out with a straight face.

“Finally,” Meliodas says, coming back over, “The shirt look a little small for you...” He mumbles, grobing my breast. Out of fury, I smash my fist down on his head. He topples down to the floor with swirls in his eyes.

“Usually I dont let perverts live,” I motion to the Sins, “But I dont want these people on my ass. So you're living today, Meli.” I sashay off. I sit at the table where Elizabeth was at, I plonked my head down and sprawled my arms across the smooth, mahogany wood-- letting out a groan whilst doing so, “I'm soooooo deaaaaaad...” I whine.

“Why, [Name]?” Elizabeth inquires gently, placing her hand on my back.

“I just punched Meliodas... If Diane finds out then I'm toast...” I cry, half regretting my decision half feeling proud I even landed a hit on the Captain of The Seven Deadly Sins.

“You're proud at the same time though, aren't you?” Ellie sighs, patting my back comfortingly, earning a nod from me, “You'll be fine, [Name].” She soothes, smiling at me. I clear my throat and stand.

“I must go see what Meliodas wants now. Forgive me, Princess.” And with that, once again, I walk off.

“Well then, [Name], I'm gonna send you to the village to collect some items. Being a Holy Knight yourself, this should be simple, I'm not sending anyone with you. Here,” He hands me a heavy purple pouch that had a pig on the front embroidered in a golden string, “Thats the money you'll need, and here's the list. Also, I'd like you to advertise. Have fun.~” He chirps, handing me a small piece of paper and a small stack of parchment before going behind the bar and cleaning the barrel looking cups. I carefully slip on my cloak to prevent the thin material from ripping.

When I opened the door I was met with a calm, warm breeze. Unfortunately, the village was through the small woods so I'd have to travel through that before doing anything I needed too.

I walked down the fairly tiny grassy hill to be met with a worn-out sandy path, I looked ahead to see it stretched on through the forest so I gathered that I could follow this and it would lead me to the village; fifty-fifty chance it does.

The woods were dark as the oak canopy blocked out the light, I came to a clearing where some light rays managed to break through and give the area a soft glow. Suddenly, I caught sight of amour. Thats when I realised it, Holy Knights were coming from the direction of the village. One was tall and handsome, his hair spiked up and was red, his eyes an onyx colour. The other was practically opposite, navy blue hair and golden orbs.

“Oi! Lady! Why you wearin' that cloak?!” The red head yelled, I merely ignored him as I walked past. The golden-eyed male roughly grabbed my hood and yanked me back, revealing my identity meanwhile.

“It's her! It's [Name]!” He roared, still having a hold on my hood.

Well shit...

Well shit

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