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Of Chores and Crowns (A Merlin Fanfiction) ✔ by Fanatic_308
Of Chores and Crowns (A Merlin Fanatic_308
Dawn had a good life. She was the maidservent to the princess of Deira, and was treated well. However, everything changed when the kingdom of Deira was attacked. Dawn ma...
  • queen
  • prince
  • dawn
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not just a servant [completed] by mostlyfangirly
not just a servant [completed]by ebba
Merlin is the lost Prince. Ok... Here is another story that I just had to write. From the beginnig it was just a one shot.. Try not to copy anyone! And my grammar is se...
  • magic
  • prince
  • knights
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Merthur One Shots  by Chess-chwan
Merthur One Shots by ZoroGotLostAgain
just merthur fluff *I don't own the show or the characters!*
  • morgana
  • lancelot
  • leon
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Queens by FanficUs
Queensby Kai & Crystique
Ros is sister to the prince, and future king, Arthur Pendragon. Anastasia is sister to Merlin, the prince's personal servant. The two will fall hard for each other's si...
  • arthurpendragon
  • lancalot
  • merlin
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The Once and Future Queen || Arthur Pendragon by Bringmebacktoreality
The Once and Future Queen || Telisha R
"She wasn't looking for a knight, she was looking for a sword." In amongst the old prophecies from an age long ago, it has been foretold that by the side of th...
  • gwen
  • pendragon
  • magic
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The Pirate's Princess by Lazy-Mudori
The Pirate's Princessby Mudori
Elizabeth is found captured by pirates only to find out that her childhood friend is the captain of the pirate crew. Will he remember her and keep his promise to her or...
  • sds
  • king
  • merlin
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Merthur One Shots by Destiel_is_Sams_OTP
Merthur One Shotsby Sirro M
The most epic complation of Merthur one shots ever! Your laughing one minute and crying the next Oh wait that's Merlin in a nutshell For all of those who are reading th...
  • shot
  • one
  • gwen
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Merlin magic reveal by sparkle123tt
Merlin magic revealby Sparkle123tt
When merlin arthur and the knights get captured by morganna. What will happen? What if they find out merlins secret or worse what if morganna tells them what he's done...
  • gwaine
  • merlin
  • arthur
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The Hidden Assassin by Chipsahoy32_57
The Hidden Assassinby Thatnerd🤓🤓🤓
What if Merlin had another secret? What if Merin's secret past comes back to haunt him? Merlin had a life as an assassin before coming to Camalot. And his past might jus...
  • wattys2018
  • reveal
  • morgana
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The Warrior by aliciarenenell1993
The Warriorby Alicia-Rene Nell
Meet Adelaide twin sister of Merlin, and like him she has magic but she can control hers. follow her as she falls in love with someone who is beyond her reach. this st...
  • lovestory
  • merlin
  • arthurpendragon
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BBC Merlin Fanfic - Destiny UNEDITED! by xKatnipx
BBC Merlin Fanfic - Destiny xCSx
Merlin and Row set out on their journey to Camelot but secrets unfold, romances begin and destiny's are followed. Arthur can not become the once and future king without...
  • uther
  • history
  • arthur
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Like Magic by DeathNDestruction666
Like Magicby BeansNDestruction
Merlin dies for a bit at the end of the series instead of Arthur.
  • getreadytocry
  • sorry
  • bbcmerlin
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When Destinies Collide (A Narnia/Merlin crossover) by NarniacSherlockian
When Destinies Collide (A Narnia/ NarniacSherlockian
Ana, the protector of Narnia and her Kings and Queens, accidentally stumbles upon Merlin and the Knights while chasing mercenaries through the forest. When one of the K...
  • crossover
  • aslan
  • narnia
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Where are They? |Seven Deadly Sins| by RandomFan_Girl_
Where are They? |Seven Deadly Sins|by R-F-G_KD
Published: October 24, 2018 "Where are they? Meliodas, Zeldris, Estarossa, where are you? Why did you leave me?" The little girl cried looking at the sky? She...
  • reader
  • tencommandments
  • esconnor
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Power of the Storm by 2many2count
Power of the Stormby 2many2count
Hunith never meant to favor her son over her daughter, and her daughter knew this, she understood sometimes she wished she had never been born. Not that she had ever voi...
  • bbc
  • emrys
  • pendragon
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A Hunt for the King ~Nanatsu No Taizai~ by KrisJean2014
A Hunt for the King ~Nanatsu No KrisJean2014
Adelina was once the fairy king's advisor. After he had left to help Helbram she was left in charge of the realm. But when the humans come to rip the wings off her fello...
  • gowther
  • howzer
  • meliodas
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Forbidden Love - Merlyn [2] by lover_of_historias
Forbidden Love - Merlyn [2]by lover_of_historias
Merlyn and Arthur Pendragon are two sides of the same coin. They're destinies entwined. Merlyn had saved Arthur from vengeful mothers, cheating knights, watery plagues...
  • series2
  • tvseries
  • femalemerlin
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To know your place by Nelly2560
To know your placeby Nele
When some of the new recruits notice the odd behavior of a certain servant towards their King and the other knights, they take measures in to their own hands to teach hi...
  • knights
  • percival
  • gwaine
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Merthul: mpreg by laviathan00
Merthul: mpregby fish
Merlin's magic gets him pregnant with Arthur kid
  • pendragon
  • arthur
  • merlin
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ENIGMA | MERLIN by wanreina
In which forgotten memories find their way back into the mind of a fragile young girl and she learns the hard way that ignorance is bliss. • [BBC MERLIN AU FANFICTION] [...
  • camelot
  • bbcmerlin
  • queenguinevere
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