» Chapter Eight.

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» Chapter Eight.
   » Bar Troubles.
   » Meliodas POV.

I had my hand gently around hers, the warmth from her figure radiating off her like the sun. It was... Comforting. Definitely helping calm the thoughts that swarmed my usually content mind. Normally, I only had one or two things I thought about but now... Jeez [Name], if only you knew what you did to me...

Putting them aside I took in hr appearance once again. Although her attire had been catching dirt and rips from our fight with the Holy Knights, even if it seemed like they were Apprentices, she still looked beautiful. The small, thatched basket holding the items I assigned her to get was neatly placed in the crease of her bent elbow.

I stepped closer to her, [Name] seemingly not noticing the movement, my hand slid out of her soft grip as it trailed downwards. She took a glance at her hand, now realising she wasn't holding me. But before she could open her mouth, me being me, my hand squeezed her ass (sorry, I can't say butt without laughing XD). Her face turned to multiple shades if red as I touched it. Her hand latched onto my wrist, it was quite crushing to the bone but not painful.

“Meliodas,” She breathed out, “YOU FUCKING PERVERT!” [Name] screamed her fist colliding with my face and knocking me back.

“Worth it...” I mumble, blacking out now and then as the hit had sent me into a daze. She grabbed my foot and began dragging me back to the Tavern, the Boar Hat. She still seemed to be fumming but it was slowly subsiding the closer we got.

“Uh, [Name]? Captain?” Diane calls out, questioning us through her violet eyes.

“Yes Diane?” She sighs. Diane began quizing us but I blocked it out as my mind became less fuzzy. Since [Name] let go of my appendage a while ago, I took the opportunity to stand up and butt in.

“Well Diane, me and [Name] here was just messing around. Simple as that!” I chuckle cheekily, carefully sending a hidden wink to [Name] who, luckily, caught it and glared.

“Ooooh! Okay, Captain! By the way [Name] was speaking I thought you were being a pervert to everyone other girl than me again.” Diane giggled. Winking and slightly poking out her tongue. What caught my attention though was the fact [Name] was struggling to bite back a growl, that's when I knew that Diane was flirting yet again. I gave her a nudge, but she lightly blushed and walked inside; not the reaction I wanted. I continued to speak with Diane but honestly, I just wanted to go inside so I soon ended it.

When I walked inside I was highly nonplussed. I heard a shout which I think said, “Ban, I can't seem to comprehend your stupidity. Nor can I explain it to you.” But I'm not sure. What was the most dumbfounding was the fact that [Name] was pushed onto the floor by Ban who quickly got on top and began hitting her. Suddenly, as soon as the normal creak of the door sounded, Ban was distracted since he took a glimpse at the opening and me stood in the wooden frame. [Name] took the opportunity to elbow Ban in the gut and knock him sideways. Whilst down, she put her knee onto his back and her hands latched around his throat.

“ASSHOLE!” She screams, loud enough to get Diane peering through the window. Ban struggled until he could ram [Name] off, which he did, she hit the floor with a grunt but quickly recovered as she went to lung again. But then, I saw King sigh and change his pillow into his Guardian, Mossy the Bear, to grab Ban in his soft, cushioned clutches. [Name] laughed and went to take a punch so at this point I knew I had to step in. My arms caged her waist, pulling her back as I felt her relax at my touch. She frowned and pulled back, slightly leaning on me but since she was taller it was a slightly strange position. Ban and [Name] sent each other tired glares, Mossy releasing him at the same time. Without warning, they fainted. Ban collapsing backwards and [Name] in my arms.

“Guys?!” Diane frantically asked, disturbed as to why she was unaware of why they suddenly lost consciousness.

“I-I'm sure they're okay, let's just put them to rest in their beds. Sorry King...” Elizabeth offers timidly. Also sharing the disturbed feeling.

They weren't the only ones though...

They weren't the only ones though

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