» Chapter Nine.

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» Chapter Nine.
   » Night Terrors.
   » Third Person POV.

I walked down the hallway, the roof stretches upwards. Most likely for Diane to fit in. Smooth, polished stone variating in size create the walls. I run my index finger over the cement, feeling the gravely texture it had. I pull away and rub the specks of dust between my fingers before flicking it off. From the end of the corridor, I hear a conversation that I recognise. It's the Sins! I know their voices anywhere!

“Lets go see Zaratros to get nagged at, then we can go drink.” Meliodas speaks, their armour clanging whilst they walk. In comparison my armour managed to remain quite quiet. Mine was a long-sleeved, [Fav/c] tunic with a gold outline to essentially embellish it, on the right side of my chest was a worn out Danafall mark that was visible if you really stared at it; but like I'm going to allow someone to stare at my chest. My legs were protected with silver armour and gauntlets of the same metal decorated with black adorned my hands. The finger tips were quite sharp, they could be used as claws if all else failed. Light shoulder plates rested on my shoulders, a thin piece of metal which connected at the back circled my neck and bore a mark that was three lines that spiralled off a point. The end of the lines bluntly curved left making the Goddess Marking. Placed precariously under my arm was my helmet. It was silver like the rest of my armour attire, molded to go around my head. The eye holes had a thick outline of black surrounding it, small and large circles came off the rim and had spikes that were fairly sized on said circles.

“But Captain! You and Ban always drink!” The voice of a male came, possibly King in his human form. We met up by the doors, which led to Zaratros' office, me bowing slightly with my right arm across my chest as per usual.

“Sins.” I address them with a small smile, straightening up.

“Yo! [Name]! What are you doing here?” Meliodas asks, returning the smile which was clear as day since his specialised helmet, which the other Sins have too including me, was held like mine under his arm.

“Same as you most likely, we were on the same mission of sorts. Or did you forget already, Sir Meliodas,” I mock his title slightly with a playful smirk. He rolls his eyes, smiling and giving a sarcastic laugh. I turn my attention to Diane who was crouched down in her orange armour which had green assets. She also had her helmet off, “How are you doing, Diane? Ceiling still too low?” I chuckle as she giggles with me, nodding in agreement.

“Yup! It is! But I'm fine, don't worry.” She says which I showed acknowledgement too with a slight nod. Meliodas turns to the doors and pushes them open, opening his mouth ready to speak but was cut off at the sight before him.

“Holy Knight Grand Master!” He yells. I turn to look curiously and gasp, rushing forward. My helmet clatters to the ground.

“Zaratros!” I yell, his eyes were barely open as blood coats his body entirely. Miscellaneous weapons impaled him, protruding out from the opposite side if his body.

“Who would do this...?” King desperately asks, his green armour loosing its glint from lack of the artificial light that was usually on his desk, which by the way was flipped over and away.

“Whoever did this must be plotting to over throw the Kingdom! King Baltra must be informed immediately!” I exclaim, frowning angrily. The area shook and Meliodas leaped over to the window to see what was happening. Me and the other Sins following in suit.

“It's every single Holy Knight in the Kindgdom!~” Ban says, his usual chirp in his tone.

“Let's go! Everyone split up!” He orders, yelling, “[Name], come with me.” He says calmly after, our armoured hands locking as we went to leave but my mind turned blank then. All I heard after was; “I'm sorry... Captain...”

Then I woke up...

I gasped, sitting up in the bed. Coughing violently. The dream had faded from my mind and instead, the memory played over and over. I remember what happened ten years ago. Meliodas and Elizabeth burst into the room.

“[Name]! Are you all right?!” He asks, running over and taking hold on my arm, the other roughly patting my back. I hold up my hand and the hits stop.

“I-I'm fine. Don't worry.” I smile at him.

“Are you sure?” He questions, worried written all over his face. I nod and smile, “Hey Elizabeth, you go to bed. I'll stay with [Name].” I think Elizabeth left the room and went back but I was half asleep. I felt myself be laid down. A soft kiss on my temple as words were whispered to me, the warmth of another person keeping me company.

“Goodnight, [Name]. My sweet Demon...”


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