» Chapter Sixteen.

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» Chapter Sixteen.
   » Her Death.
   » Meliodas POV.

My voice tore into the air. My demon... My sweet demon was blasted into oblivion. Her charred body falling right against Hawk's and pathetically slipping to the side. She was really gone, and it was all my fault.

“You bastard... You took her away. You took [Name] away! I'll never forgive you!”

Then I remember relief. Relief flooding over me and the pain of all the battle scrapes vanish from my form. I looked to my hand, everything was healing.

Elizabeth... A goddess...

Thoughts fueled my mind, Hendrickson was currently weak. Elizabeth's light mana can push back the darkness. I could make a move and avenge you... The both of you, Hawk, [Name]... You'll have your revenge. I'll end him, I swear.

I felt all negative energy leave my body, vanishing into the air.

“You've cancelled your magic... What are you planning?” He murmured staring at me thoughtfully. My hand tightened around the shortsword Liz had gifted to me, or tried to. It was simple but powerful in my hands, a short blade with a dark grey centre and a flourish of silver curving around the edges. Then half of a blue sphere to split the meeting of blade and handle. The handle was red(?), matching the cherry coloured ruby that was encased in a circular iron, "Hmph. No matter... I'll have you down and dead in moments."

Colours flashed and magic soared, my breathing hard as I absorbed the energy. My clothes tore and burned into ashes as my skin was presented to the elements. I was bleeding. Scratches littering my torso and face. My eye felt heavy, it closed. I couldn't collapse now though, I just couldn't. I won't.

"Give up already! You're really going to sacrifice yourself for all of these pathetic Holy Knights?! The very ones that drove you from the kingdom and came after your heads?!" Hendrickson laughed. It was cold and wicked. A laugh of someone with no connection to reality. All he cared for was the destruction that this chaos lead to and inflicted. He was bent on seeing Liones be consumed by flames of fury and lying in ruins. A pile of ash.

He wanted the rise of the Demon Clan.

I wouldn't let it happen, I just couldn't. I, I wouldn't. I promised her. Her. The one I love and love to this day. The one who has been torn from me.

My eyes sharpen, gripping my blade tighter. Just a little more. I felt a harsh whip across my back and I seized up in pain.

"That enough yet, Cap'n?!" Ban yells, his eyes puffy yet strong.

"Heh... Yeah." I confirm, a tornado of swirling energy closing in around me. It whipped the air and brightened the surrounding field.

"What... What's happening?" Hendrickson mutters, eyes widening at the sudden radiating strength. Yes bitch, my fucking power.

My skin bare to the elements and little clothes left, hand clutching sword handle tighter to the point where I'm surprised it hadn't snapped.

The ash purple monster turns tail and leaps from the tattered rockery of the ground to fly off. Hendrickson slams into a glowing orb of royal purple which soon engulfs his form and encases him. Howzer turns to the familiar voice that had called the magic forward,

"Griamore!" Though it wasn't meant to last.

"I've had enough of this!" His fist slams into the shell, shattering it in an instant. However it was too late; my form levitated behind him.

"For all your wrongdoings, I hope you see the error in your ways." His eyes widen in fear, mouth gaping at his lack of escape.



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