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The room was dimly lit, the only light in the room was the candle's glow -from outside- flooding in from the open hatch of the metal door. With her head tilted, giving her the look of a lifeless doll, our protagonist sat on the damp cobblestone floor. Her clothes were stained red, torn in multiple places and allowing the chilled prison air to climb into her infected wounds. The pain they inflicted was bearable for her but still, the throbbing bothered her greatly. The girl's [Hair/c] was tied into a plait, curtsey of a Holy Knight that felt pity for the younger, fellow female. When she was out and about, her hair was [Hair/l], unfortunately it grew far past her favoured length. Yet again, bothersome.

How rude of me. Allow me to introduce her to you. This girl is [Name], a former Holy Knight of the Kingdom of Liones. She was that of the same ranks as the 'terrible criminals'; The Seven Deadly Sins. However, in her current state, you could say she was also a criminal.
Locked up for something she didn't do, yes. [Name] was framed, much like the seven other knights but of course she didn't know that. Word spreads, is all. When you're caged in a cell there isn't much to do, so why not listen in on the latest gossip? The guards here sure love to spread rumours.

Today, [Name] wasn't being guarded or watched over. She could escape so easily! And she did.

Using all the energy she built up over the ten years of torture; she sent two punches towards the fortified door, successfully knocking it down. A deep chuckle ripped through the echoing prison tunnels,

“I'm out...~”


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