» Chapter Fourteen.

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This'll be short but I will post more- the ending is soon!

P.S. Plz don' kill meh ;-;

» Chapter Fourteen.
   » Familiar.
   » Reader POV.

A groan escaped my lips, I felt the cold, stone floor against my cheek. I lifted myself up, the grime off the floor sticking to my hands. I looked to my left, seeing Elizabeth and Hawk lay down, also unconscious. I shook the princess gently.

"Oi, you alive there?" I ask, quirking an eyebrow. Her face twists as her eyes slowly blink open. She kneels, turning towards me.

"[Name]? Where are we?" Her soft voice groggily asks. Before I could respond a rather bombastic pigs started squealing.

"Where are we?! What happened?! AH! I'm so scared! Elizabeth, [Name], what's going on?!" He ranted in his high pitched voice.

"Why, you're in a cell of course. Don't be stupid. You recognise this cell, don't you [Name]? Maybe because it's the one you broke out of." She cackles, the slide on the window opening with a squeak. I recognise the mask as Merlin's; the hands falling over and underneath the mask as if to push it together and prevent it from breaking apart. I grit my teeth in anger as she vanishes in a flash a blue and white light.

"Well," I smirk, "If it's the cell I escaped from, then I can definitely do it again. Can't I?" My eyes grew hot, telling me that I activated my powers. The faint glow of [eye/c] was cast against the walls. Shows how dark it was. I sent a punch at the door, forcing a large dent in it. I threw another one, the door clashing to the ground with a loud clang. The disturbed silence had alerted some guards, but luckily Hawk had nutted them down out of panic. He leapt about the place, squeaking and overall, being annoying.

"Now then... I'm gonna go kick some magician's ass." My pissed off face returns as I crack my knuckles. A petrified, high pitched grunt came front the pig, signifying I had scared him. Without thinking, I ran off down the hall. My eyes blaze, pushing my legs forward quicker.

'I'm coming for you!'

'I'm coming for you!'

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