» Chapter Twelve.

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Gowther is the devil!!!

Gowther is the devil!!!

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» Chapter Twelve.
   » He's who?!
   » Reader POV.

I conversed with Diane, my place on her orange, puffed shoulder sleeves was rather comfortable. Then she brought up the subject she usually does when we have our talk; Meliodas.

“You know, [Name]? What if Elizabeth takes Captain from you?” She mumbles sadly, a frown overtaking her cheerful features. I tensed, shock in my eyes even though I didn't express it.

“Whatever do you mean, Diane?” I question, accident hesitation clear in my speech. She giggles.

“You don't have to hide it anymore. I can see it, whenever Meliodas is with you, he looks happy and I can tell you like him too. I'm okay with it being you, but I swear if Elizabeth tries anything I'm gonna squish her...” She explains defensively. For the first time, I explode into a full blown laughter. The giant seemed quite shocked at this, but content at the same time as she had made me laugh.

Our conversation was soon cut short as the slamming over a wooden door surprised us. The princess herself sprinted out, a sheathed sword -that I recognised- in her grasp. The old man from Vaisel came to the door, Cain, I believe, shouting at her to stop. Grunting in frustration I jumped down from Diane's shoulder and raced after Elizabeth.

After a little bit, we came to a clearing. There, Ban, Meliodas, King and a pink haired... Boy? Girl? I think it was a boy... Stood there all together. In front of them stood a beast, it was hideous. It radiated with evil power, yet it had a familiar sense of Holy Knight energy also emitting from the thing. It had four heads coming from it's chest, the top being just blue and round with a large mouth.

Just by looking at the four boys, you could tell they were having some difficulty. King was covered in a sticky, translucent, green substance which looked like mucus. The pinkette was having trouble at successfully cleaning his glasses from what looked like frost. Ban and Meliodas was fighting but suddenly stopped when seeing me and Elizabeth. She being yelling, obviously contemplating how to throw the sword. Yet, I snatched it from her and chucked it towards Meliodas as soon as she ended.

“Then I'll carry that sin with you!” She finished, a look of utter determination on her face whilst her hands balled at her sides.

“Aww, Captain. Are you really going to let a girl, especially the princess, do that?” Ban replied wittily. Unsurprising. However, the blonde didn't reply. His hair covered his emerald orbs when he jumped; grabbing the sword from the sheath and slicing at the monster multiple times. As it dropped to practically a thousand pieces, he looked up, his usual smile implanted there. I turned to look at the chunks of flesh, the half body of a man, Dale, laying there and looking restless. He was dying, if not already dead. Ban walked over, grasping at a squirming, red virus and squishing it. Blood coated his hand but he carelessly dropped it, leaving a black gaping hole in Dale's chest. I honestly felt bad for the fallen Holy Knight, didn't he have a family?

As I continued to drift, I didn't see Meliodas talking to me until I realised he was right in front of my face.

“Sorry Meli, what is it?”

“It's okay, just wanted to ask if you were alright?”

“Oh. Don't concern yourself over me, I'm fine.” I reply emotionlessly, unable to put on a smile. I noticed the feeling behind Meliodas' own smile; it was sadness. I tried to change the topic, “So who is this... Person?” I asked, motioning to the pinkette who stood by Dale's corpse, looking as though they were talking.

“Oh, that's Gowther.” He said nonchalantly whilst my eyes practically bulged out of my head.

“WHAT?!” I scream, unable to keep my cool, “How the bloody hell, is his-her-its bubblegum lookin' ass, GOWTHER?” At this point, I was practically flipping my shit. How does he, look like a giant hunk of broken, purple armour? Is Meliodas stupid, or blind?

“I assure you, [Name]. I am Gowther.” ‘Gowther’ appeared at my side out if thin air. My arms curl around Meliodas' right one.

“That's him, alright...” I mumble, scared for my metal health.

» Ban's POV.

Honestly, I wasn't listening to anything that was going on. My mind was elsewhere. I was focusing on what was unveiled earlier, just to me.

» Earlier.

When [Name] tossed the sword to the Captain, it was as if time stopped for me. My mind and sight flashed between white and a battle, it was coloured but dark. Like it was a painting that someone had washed over it with watered-down black.

» Flashback.

Me and the Captain fought back-to-back. We both slashed, or whipped in my case, at the bandits. There was so many, too many in fact, that we decided to spilt into groups. Diane and King was accidentally slowly making their way over to us as the group of ruffians grew. It was as if they were multiplying.

I felt a strange wind pass by me. Confused, I looked around just to freeze when a bandit was about to chop my head of with a curved blade. All of a sudden, his face scrunched up in pain as he exploaded into a grey dust. As it all piled up, a familiar knife fell on top.

Behind him stood [Name], she most likely had thrown her blade and it pierced the man's neck.

“Aim for the back of their necks, boys. Or chop their heads off entirely. They die instantly and don't multiply.” She explained, smirking as she picked up her weapon.

“Thanks [Name]! You got put on the same mission as us?”  Meliodas cheered behind me.

“Yup!~” She cheered back, racing off to slice through her enemies. Meliodas seemed to sigh in content as he watched her run away, meanwhile cutting off a man's head.

“Does Captain like a certain Holy Knight?~” I tease. Although I received no definite answer, I could of sworn I heard him mumble ‘Damn right, I do...’.

» Flashback End.
» Present Time.

The two raced up to the Tavern shouting at each other, Elizabeth jogged up after them whilst us three hung behind -King mainly going to Diane- them.

“Ban. The Captain loves [Name], does he not?” I nod, confirming his question.

“He sure does, Gowther...”


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