» Chapter of the Past. 2

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Just by taking the Holy Knight Grand Master's hand, she had a feeling that it was the beginning of something great. Something she would enjoy being a part of.

» Later.

The drifting feeling she had was fading away, she was plummeting to the ground. The space in which she was falling through was black and white, a swirl of the two contrasting colours that made them look as if they were blended together. Next to each other, they really didn't do each other justice.

Once she hit the bottom, the two colours clashed, the area becoming grey; and that was when her eyes opened.

“Father! The girl is awake!” A boy's voice called. She tilted her head just for it to come into contact with another. A young lad was sprawled across her lap. He clutched his head, his fingers digging through his salmon locks. The male looked up, his lapis eyes sparkling apologetically, “Sorry miss, I slipped...” He said embarrassed. I smile.

“Heh, it's fine. Plus, my name isn't miss! It's [Name]!” She pouted playfully, shoving the boy slightly in which he retaliated with one of his own. They sniggered right when his father slipped through the door.

“And what are you two laughing at? Hmm?” The white-haired male asked, startling the pair too, as he cocked an eyebrow. A smirk implanted on his face once the two's cheeks flushed. The boy's more so than [Name]'s, “Don't worry, I was only kidding. Gilthunder, go get Merlin, would you?” The kid, most likely Gilthunder, nodded rapidly and hurried out of the stoney room.

After a little bit, a gorgeous female wearing a dress -in which the flowing skirt was stripy and had puffed out sleeves- stepped in. Her eyes were a flawless gold and was a lot more brash than her collar bone-length black hair.

“My my, what a cute little thing you have here, Zaratros. What seems to be the problem?” Merlin almost purred. She seems like the type to do that. As [Name] was still mesmerised by her beauty, she didn't even notice her using magic. That was, until she backed away.

“[Name]. Aged three-thousand plus. She is a half-demon, born of the first Demon Commander; the right-hand man of the Demon King he is called Hades. Her mother is a normal human with incredible sensing ability, thus gaining the title Huntress, however he actual name was Sasha. This girl has the capability of becoming a Holy Knight into the Diamond rank if trained correctly. She prefers using twin knives rather than your every day short or longsword.” She recites, without hesitation and perfectly.

“Urm...” The girl, [Name], squeaks. Uncomfortable of how swiftly she passed off her information.

“Is that so?~” A deeper-pitched male voice chirped. On the other side of the room, which was quickly becoming full with each passing minute, stood a man with almost white hair-- it looked as if it had a pale, metallic blue shine to it as the locks brushed against his shoulders.

Next to him was a chubby man, his plump lips seemed to be pursed together as his eyes were small and squinted. He was adorned in green armour whilst his (possible) friend only had on leg armour and a purple tank top.

“Ban! Don't be so rude! Barging in like that, disgraceful for a Holy Knight such as yourself.” The brunette scolded, his comrade holding a carefree smirk.

“Like I give a crap, Shorty.” He snickers rudely.

“Well, hello Ban, King. If you two are here, where are the rest?” Zaratros inquires.

“Well, Cap’n is with Gilthunder whilst Diane and Gowther are waiting for us outside.” Ban answers casually, clearly not caring that he was talking to his superior. [Name] shifts where she sat, she didn't understand what was happening. Who's ‘Cap’n’? And who are all these people?

“King, could you possibly take [Name] outside? Merlin, Ban, you too. Make sure she gets familiar with her surroundings. She's going to be here a while.” At just those words, a happy feeling bubbled up inside [Name]'s chest. A grin spread across her face and she felt like hugging him to death, but she didn't, she'd actually kill him, no joke (HAHAHAHA ;w;).

The [Hair/c] haired girl gazed at the taller people with stars in her eyes, she stood, making her way next to King who merely patted her head.

“Of course, sir.” The fairy responded.

With that, they were ushered out of the room. They entered the office, the long oak wood table and coloured flags much different then the castle's cobbly structure. They stood out. It was nice to notice the difference.

The Sins, and [Name], exited the castle all together. Upon leaving they met with a giant clad in green and a huge hunk of violet armour.

“[Name], these are some more of the Sins. Say hello to Diane and Gowther.” Merlin introduced, her sly smile remaining as she talked. Meanwhile, as the Sins conversed, a blonde boy wearing a red tunic and armoured pants came over.

“Hey guys!” He chirped, honestly looking and sounding like a kid.

“Ah, Captain!~ (Oh god ×-×) Check it out, a new recruit.~”

“Huh? Cool! Zaratros found you, uh?” He smiled, emerald eyes closing.

“[Name].” She smiled lightly, sticking out her hand.

“Meliodas.” He replies kindly, shaking her hand.

As they met, they could fell slight sparks in their souls. This was the start of something great, and indeed it was.

 This was the start of something great, and indeed it was

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