» Chapter Ten.

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» Chapter Ten.
   » Tremors In Ordon Village.
   » Reader POV.

When I woke up, I was alone. My first conclusion was that Meliodas had gone down stairs to prepare breakfast. But then I remembered everyone hated his food, where could he have gone? My second idea I instantly blasted from my mind, anger coating my cheeks in pink.

Sighing, I scooted off my bed, the sleek wooden floor feeling cool against my bare feet. It sent a chill up my spine, the nerves being affected when my feet curled up. Breathing out once again, I reached over and slipped my socks on. Compared to Elizabeth I had two socks since I had something against it when things weren't even.

Still being half asleep, I shuffled my way to the stairs slowly. Bringing a hand to my mouth and releasing a yawn, the Boar Hat jerked and tipped. I shrieked, falling over and down the stairs. Ban's laughter flooded in as soon as I grunted from impact when my body smacked into the floor.

“YOU WANNA GO, BAN?!” I screamed threateningly. I wasn't in the mood for his bullshit right now, I couldn't sense Meliodas and it was pissing me off.

“Guys... Please don't start this early in the morning...” King begs half heartedly, most likely tired as per usual. I huff, nod and go behind the bar. I look through the vast range of alcohol, going from ale, to liquors, some cider too. I carelessly grab a bottle of Vanya ale, flicking the bung out with a harsh push from my thumb. I don't even bother to pour it into a mug and I just chug it straight from the glass. Whilst I take long sips and short gulps, I lean against the bar counter with closed eyes. My mind closing off the sense -meanwhile heightening the others- as I gain a mental image of the surrounding area.

An outline that looked similar to Meliodas bounced into the room, coming closer to me. I felt chilly hands cover my eyes, that wouldn't be able to see anyway, making my place down the bottle. The multiple, different emotions running through his voice was much more clearer in my mind scape; some compassion, a sprinkle of love, its usual cheekiness and a dose of calmness. It was quiet relaxing to listen to him speak through this but I'm not going to say that aloud. I opened my eyes.

“Hey Meli.”

“Heyyyy, [Nicknaaaame],” I visible jumped in surprise at the nickname, “Hm? Don't like it?” He asked, tilting his head. I shook my own rapidly, shaking my hands.

“N-No! I didn't mean that!” I stuttered, continuing to splutter over my words until I breathed in, “I mean, how did you come up with it?”

“Well, it just came to me this morning...” He confesses chuckling, rubbing the back of his neck. The pink sitting on his cheeks came slightly more visible. Before I could respond a loud roar followed by the earth rumbling cut me off.

“What was that?” Hawk squeaked. I rushed out, ignoring Meliodas attempts to drag me back. I went up to Diane.

“Hey Diane, you okay?” I question setting my hand on her collar bone, which by the way was practically and most likely longer than my entire arm.

» Flashback.
» Diane POV.

I lay on the ground,
one of my bobbles had snapped,
sending half my knotting and dirty hair scattered into my face.

infact none of the Sins,
were in my line of sight.

Then I saw a bright of silver,
most likely from the sun catching the flash of someone's armour.

It could be the Captain!
But it wasn't.

Instead it was a girl,
in comparison she didn't look much taller than Meliodas.

She wore a blouse,
the majority of her covered in the glossy grey armour,
a couple bloodstains littered it but it was more or less clean.

“Are you all right?” She asked, smiling.

She sounded like [Name]...

“Ngh... Captain...?” I heard myself grumble.

“Oh! You must be Diane, the Serpent Sin of Envy,” She giggled. I wonder what happened to that smile, “My name is [Name]. I'll help you back to Liones and to your tower.”

After a while we got to our tower, apparently she was just on the floor below.

She knocked onto Captain's door where King opens it frantically and quickly.

“Diane! You're back! Who is this?!”  He asks, ushering us in.

“King, its fine. This is [Name], she helped me home.” I smile, shutting my eyes.

When I open them,
King was lightly blushing and looking away whilst [Name] was smirking.

I hum but before I could utter
a single word,
Meliodas comes in.

“Hey Diane! Hey [Name]!”

“Oh, hi Meliodas.” I ask if the two know each other and explain that they met at the castle.

“Shit... I gotta go, forgot about another assignment I have today,” She curses, giggling nervously. Backing towards the door, “Have a nice day, Sins. Goodbye.”

And with that shes out of sight.

Leaving two questions in the air,
both -ironically- from the Captain.

1. “ No else realise she swore to our faces?"
2. “Hope she's still single, is she Diane?”

Which both left him lumps on his head.

» Flashback End.
» Reader POV.

Diane had a far-away look in her eye. As if I reminded her of something. Before I could question her actions and if I had accidentally triggered a memory she purhaps didn't want to remember-- she snapped out of it, giggling nervously. Looking at me with practically knowing eyes.

“I'm fine, don't worry about it [Nickname].” The nickname for the second time. It surprised me once again.

Was this what the man from the store meant?

Was this what the man from the store meant?

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