» Chapter Three.

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» Chapter Three.
   » Attack on Vaizel.
   » Reader POV.

This was the event I was waiting for, the final round of the Vaizel Fighting Festival. I would be battling against Meliodas; boy will this turn out horrible! We stepped into the arena, our clothes damaged and torn from previous fights but our expressions staying strong.

"Looks like we're both ragged!" Meliodas grinned cheekily whilst I just smiled slightly. We gave each other smirks before rushing into the middle where I jumped up, my knee colliding with his jaw and knocking him backwards.

“And [Fake name] claims the first strike!” Love Helm squeaks loudly, jumping up and down on the side-lines. However, Meliodas recovers from the blow quickly and delivers one of his own to my head by punching it. I hold my head and look up giving him a playful annoyed face. He returns it with a grin. At the same time, we were at the centre, blocking and hitting. All was exchanged before tingles went up our spines and we froze entirely. My slits become even thinner and smaller.

“Hey! Why'd ya stop?” On obnoxious person called out from the side. Me and Meliodas exchanged glances with each other before we backed down. I turned away from him as we stood back to back. King, Ban and the shrunk version of Diane stepped on stage, standing beside Meliodas.

“Have a look, you scum!” He shouted,  gesturing to his bicep where his mark was placed, “My real name is Meliodas! Captain of The Seven Deadly Sins! You have one minute to leave before we massacre you all!”  He claimed fiercely, I could imagine the look on their faces. Snarls, smirks and dialated pupils as they stared into the sea of fear-stricken and horrified people. Two brave men called out defiantly but visibly drew back when one female pointed out their branded beast marks. The red standing out from their skin tone.

All of a sudden fireballs of various sizes rained down from the sky; one aimed right at the Vaizel Boulder. Cursing how they were too late, Meliodas leaps into the sky, and draws his broken blade. The beautiful ruby reflecting the mango hue of the flames. With a swing of his 'sword' the fire was bounced back towards the one who sent these down, it was like a mirror effect but much more barbaric in a sense. He had used one of his attacks; Full Counter to allow the direct magic attack to be blasted back but amplified by the one using the move's strength. This worked well in Meliodas' favour as the attack itself would have been a strong blow, so whoever was on the receiving end of the bargain will certainly not escape clear.

Citizens ran around in a frenzy, similar to startled horses, Griamore and Howzer, along with slight direction of Veronica, helped the people to escape. My eyes gained a brighter [Eye/c] haze as two daggers of the same colour materialised into my palms. I grasped a hold on them and ran off.

Soon, I had met up with Guila, I scowled at her. Glaring at her with fury and hatred. In my peripheral vision, I noticed the blur of yellow, or was it gold?

“Well, well. Afternoon, [Name]. I see the rumours were true...” She says, the usual calm smile on her face pissing me off further. She raised her weapon, multiple, small explosives began spurting out and surrounding me. I glance at them all as they appeared, memorising the pattern in which the came.

“As long as we don't touch them, they won't expload!” I tense up, realising the thing I saw earlier was in fact Meliodas' hair. I look at him, he was standing beside me and damn did it feel good to see someone smaller than me for once. I nod and begin to zip through them towards Guila who still somehow remained calm.

“But Meliodas... They can go off when ever they wish to!” I skidded to a halt at those words and stare wide-eyed at her. Suddenly, one blew up, sending Meliodas flying. The one by me exploded, it was a chain reaction; like dominoes, “Chain Explosion!” At the final blow, we clutched to each other and fell down to the ground in pain. I hacked up blood before sitting up. Guila looked taken back, her smile stayed though as she frowned and send us flying yet again. How annoying. Unfortunately, we crashed into Ban during it so we all collapsed to the ground in a heap. Ban and Meliodas lay closely next to each other whilst I was partially sprawled across the Captain.

“Finished up already, Jericho? Hmm? Where did the lipstick some from?”

“Hah! I was just getting warmed up.” Hawk and Elizabeth, who were currently hiding by a collapsed building, stared in horror.

“Sir Meliodas!” His hair covered his eyes as his showing skin was littered with scrapes.
“Sir Ban!” Blood dribbled down his forehead and out of his mouth, it made a puddle by his face as he was lay face down.
“[N-Name]..!” The last desperate plea sounded, I was in a similar situation to Meliodas but I managed to pry my eyes open to weakly peer past the pig and give her my signature wink. That was until I fell limp.

 That was until I fell limp

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