» Chapter Six.

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» Chapter Six.
   » Holy Knights, My Ass!
   » Reader POV.

The one gripping my hood was the first to fall, my small hand had a crushing hold on his wrist. I flipped him over kicked him in the face, deep down I wanted to crack up at his stunned face but I kept it back and focused.

“How dare you insult us Holy Knights!” His ‘friend’ shouted, “How dare you collude with those Sins!” He once again yelled. I growled, I felt my eyes heat up as they brightened immensly, my arms feeling heavy when producing and handling the two knives.

“Holy Knights; my ass!” I shouted at the same volume, jumping up and glaring viciously. I launched an attack from above, my daggers coming frightingly close to the redhead's head. He easily sidestepped and prepared a fire based attack. I felt the heat against my skin, my eyes widened as the blaze was blasted at me. My feet carried me into the air as I jumped to dodge. What shocked me was how my knives disintegrated from the scorching temperature. I stared at my hands, turning my eyes to glare hatefully at the Fire Holy Knight.

The golden eyed boy surprised me by blasting air from beneath me. I was launched into the air, panic quickly setting in as I fell from the great height. However, before I felt the dirty ground. I felt warm arms grabbing me from the air and we fell together.

“M-Meliodas?! What are you doing here?!” I ask at shouting volume. The blurry bright [Eye/c] colour fading back to the duller [Eye/c].

“I heard the commotion and came to help.” He explained, winking. I huff, a strange feeling over taking me when a peculiar sense of malice made the surrounding atmosphere's temperature drop. I looked to Meliodas since I turned away earlier.

That's when I saw it, his blackened eyes. The purple and dark red blending together to give the inky colour a tiny bit of life. A black symbol formed on his forehead, coiling around and spiking off as one crossed over his eye. He looked emotionless. My breath escaped from me, I stepped back my eyes staring at the blonde male. A similar marking appeared on my temple. My left eye becoming the same dark hue but my other was the shiny [Eye/c] as I activated my normal powers.

He turned to me, our demon eyes meeting as slight emotion overcame our faces. The small smiles exchanged faded when we turned to the two Holy Knights. They were quaking in their metal boots.

“D-Demons...” The onyx eyed male hissed at us.  Sweat sliding down the side of his face. We launched forward, Meliodas locking swords whilst I kicked the navy haired males chin, his knocking out of place and a familiar crimson liquid being hacked up as my foot also came into contact with his neck. He fell, frightened as he weakly glared at me. I smiled, carelessly dropping a blade onto his chest. It pierced through, more blood pouring out as his eyes and skin dulled whilst his life slipped away. I stepped towards Meliodas who was staring at me, I noticed the other Knight sprawled across the floor with a gash gushing blood on his head.

Meliodas walked over to me, his demonic eyes on mine, we leaned together, him smirking as we bonded. It was a demon thing, the two demonic souls bonded together to make what people call soul mates. If the link is broken then both souls would fall into eternal sadness. When one is dangered or threatened, it would send a reaction to the other as a signal. This phycological link was technically a promise between two, it usually just happens when attraction happens. But, us being half-demons this would have to develop with out human sides too.

The marks vanished, we smiled at each other. Our hands linked.

“See you later, Mel.” I said, pulling away and continuing my way to the village.

» Third Person POV.

Meliodas chuckles to himself. He was beginning to remember [Name], his soul mate. It was a slow process but bearable. He sighed, turning and proceeding to return to the Boar Hat.

“Ill get that kiss next time.” He chuckles.

” He chuckles

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