» Chapter Two.

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» Chapter Two.
   » Is it really her?
   » Reader POV.

The qualifying rounds was extremely easy. Currently, we were waiting until everyone had drawn straws so we could pair up and start the first round.

“Now introducing, Group A's first round... Griamore verses [Fake Name]!”

“Followed by Group B's first round... Howzer verses Taizoo!”

“Afterwards is Group C's first round... Cain verses Old Fart!” My hand shot up to my mouth to stop myself from laughing the blonde boy and tall, blue haired man must of noticed because they gave me amused looks. Meanwhile, 'Old Fart', was ranting how he should have gotten a better name than that.

“What gives?~ My name hasn't been called. There should be two more...” The man dressed in red complained. The blonde nodding in agreement. There eyes widened at the realisation,

“And finally, Group D's first round... Meliodaf verses Bain!” Howzer walked over.

“Hey mister,” He pointed to Bain's face, “That scar you got there, looks an awful lot like the one of the wanted posters... And you there, kid...” He frowned, “But your names are totally different! I was thinking if someone else, oops, sorry!” Howzer laughed heartily. Old Fart fell over, it looked like he fainted.

“Saved.~” Bain smirked, a look of familiar cockiness brewing on his face.

“By his stupidity...” Me and Meliodaf mumbled afterwards. We shared a look.

“I have the first round, see you around... Meliodas, Ban, King...” I said before walking away. I could sense the alarm I left behind, smirking, I left the area and went onto the fighting platform.

“Seven feet tall and weighing two-hundred pounds, it's Griamore! Standing at five foot one inch and weighing we have no idea how many— pounds, [Fake name]!!” The cloaked thing introduced,“Oh and miss? Could you please remove the cloak? I must make sure you aren't concealing any weapons!” Sighing, I unclipped my cloak and tossed it into the crowd. Underneath I wore a [Fav/c], button-up shirt that was way too small so it came just above my belly button, I had to unfasten one of the silver buttons on the chest whilst luckily not showing too much off. I also had on some black, knee-length, slightly puffy, leggings on with matching black boots that adorned similar grey buttons to that of my top's.

My strange, [Eye/c] eyes pierced through Griamore as he glared into my slits for pupils. My hair framed around my face, the locks making my eyes stand out, I wore my usual look. Devoid of basic emotions.

“Start!” With the word, I vanished— appearing right in front of him and sending punch after punch at his stomach. But when I notice my hits had no effect, I freeze.

“Your punches will have no effect on me, I have the ability to make shields!” The purple barrier formed around him, concealing him in magic, “Wall!! ...I must ask you to leave the stage, girl. I will become victorious for Lady Veronica. Even if it includes having Meliodas at my feet!” He exclaims, laughing. I growl.

“Like hell!” I yell, charging up energy and letting out a battle cry before punching through the barrier. I race through the shattered area, gaining speed and strength as I leap up to uppercut him through his own shield and out of the arena entirely. I land on my feet, arm raised high with my finger pointing upwards. Cheers erupt through the place when I step down from the platform confidently.

» Meliodas POV.

“Did you see how much power she had?!” King asks in disbelief, “She went against a Holy Knight and still won!”

“[Name]...” Elizabeth murmurs quietly but since I'm near Diane's boob height I managed to over hear.

“Hmm? Who is she?” I ask, the name sounding some what familiar to me.

“Ah! She was my guard, I had [Name], Veronica had Griamore and Margaret had Gilthunder. She didn't talk about herself much but when she was busy and I was with father he told me stories about her and you all. Zaratros was very proud of her and Gilthunder looked up to her as he did his father like a big sister. When she became a Holy Knight, and a spectacular one at that, she had no one. Whereas you all had each other she was all alone. My father along with Zaratros took pity on her and she became my guard. She wasn't alone any more, I enjoyed my company, my father loved how she was around me. It was perfect. Until... It was before I seeked out The Seven Deadly Sins. My father and [Name] told me to run, she pushed me into the tunnel and told me to escape. They were both captured, [Name] more so than my father. I'm hoping she escaped and thats her...” By the time Elizabeth had finished telling us it all she was in tears and the first round was close to finishing. Me and Ban being the next pair.

“Don't worry Elizabeth, I'm sure it is her.” I reassured the Princess with a smile. Nodding and with [Name] lingering in my mind, I stepped on stage; ready for Ban.

 Nodding and with [Name] lingering in my mind, I stepped on stage; ready for Ban

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