» Chapter Four.

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Yo! How's it going my little immortals?
I took notice that some of these won't be too long as I hope they would be.
The reason for this is because our place in Ireland has been taken over for two weeks, thanks to the other half of my family, so were staying in two cottages and the WiFi here is shit! ;;;
I apologise in advance for the crap I'm going to be updating but enjoy your stay in this book anyway.

As Gilthunder says in The Seven Deadly Schmucks, "I bid you, adieu."


» Chapter Four.
   » The fuck?!
   » Reader POV.

My eyes flew open the moment my senses returned. I sat up quickly, startling the person standing beside my bed. I shade my eyes at the harsh light but manage to make out the person.

“E-Elizabeth..?” I mumble sleepily. She stepped forward, the artificial light casting a glow against her pale face. A smile graces her face, the tears welling up in her eyes. She lept forward, swinging her arms around my neck tightly as the tears wet my shoulder when they spilled out. I rubbed her back soothingly, feeling more awake when I heard the soft sobs escape her.

The door creaked open, a familiar blonde peeking his head around. He, too, smiled at the scene before him. The reunion was small but loving.

Currently, everyone was sat around a table. The barrel-looking mugs filled with Vanya ale, the best beer in Britannia, the bubbly substance even trickling down the side ever so slightly. I took a sip from the cup, the metal edge feeling cold and smooth against my lips and the booze tasting sweet. I accidentally let out a hum of approval as, being locked up for ten years, I hadn't tasted it for a while. Not realising what I did I felt confused when everyone smiled at me.

“So [Name], what have you been doing since I fled the castle?” Elizabeth piped up first.

“Hmm. I'm surprised you didn't find out just by looking at my wrists, Ellie.” I respond with little interest, “Question is, what have you been doing?” I quirk an eyebrow, watching Ban eagerly chug down his pint of ale and call for another one childishly. This was The Seven Deadly Sins? Two look like children, one acts like a child and the other is so oblivious to things its like a kid. You could probably guess who I'm referring to...

“Well, after I left the castle I went in search of the sins. I accidentally stumbled across Sir Meliodas with saved me from Sir Twigo's attacks.” She was cut short from me laughing.

“That blown-up prick, an apprentice Holy Knight, tried to take on Meliodas?!” I clutched my stomach as I felt my lungs tighten, doubling over into coughing. I sat up, wide eyes gazing at me, “Woo! I haven't laughed like that since I passed some pathetic guards when I escaped! Sorry. Anyway, Twigo apparently died during the initiation of the New Generation. No idea what it is, couldn't care less, but yeah; the guy's dead. Jericho, however, I guess passed and that was what you saw earlier. Her 'Godspeed' ability seems pretty crap though... They even got their hands on equipment that's on par with your sacred weapons, again I'm sorry but I don't know how.” I smirk, the closest thing I could muster to a smile.

“Hmph, how do you know so much about us?” Diane asks, her violet eyes narrowing slightly at the sense of intrusion on them.

“Woah! Woah! What the fuck Diane, chill out. No need to be like that, I know you from... Personal matters that someone here has obviously forgotten.” I explain, my hands up in defense. Meliodas raises his eyebrow at me curiously. I pretend I didn't take notice to his small actions.

The awkward silence lengthens out and all that is really heard is Ban's quick chugs of Vanya ale and multiple people's heavy breaths. What the fuck did this day turn out to be?

 What the fuck did this day turn out to be?

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